Kansas City Chiefs Owners Hunt Family Net Worth

Kansas City Chiefs Owners Hunt Family Net Worth

What is Hunt Family’s net worth in 2021?

The answer is massive!

See how much the current Kansas City Chiefs owners Hunt Family is worth, how they made their fortune, and acquired their sports empire.

Who Owns the Kansas City Chiefs?

Owner & Founder of Kansas City Chiefs – Lamar Hunt
Lamar Hunt, owner and founder of Kansas City Chiefs.

The Hunt family is one of America’s wealthiest families, with significant investments in the American oil and sports sectors.

They became prominent in the early 20th century, following H. L. Hunt’s initial acquisition in American oil.

They currently own oil and gas companies globally and are significant stakeholders in the NBA, NFL, and MLS.

The Hunt Family is most recognized in the American sports sector as franchise owners of two-time Super Bowl Champions, Kansas City Chiefs. 

At the same time, Lamar Hunt, who invested his share of the family’s assets to sports, is known to have named the most significant NFL Championship title, “Super Bowl.”

Since Lamar Hunt’s venture into American Sports, his descendants have maintained their sporting heritage and extended their tentacles in the sector.

How Did Lamar Hunt Family Become Wealthy?

Wildcatter and math genius H. L. Hunt paved the way for his big family’s success as a gambler, using poker winnings to buy unused land.

He further bought leases on the extensive East Texas Oil Field, from which he hit pay dirt.

Hunt shrewdly utilized these profits, forming a global oil empire.

He had 15 children, who have continued to oversee his investments since his death.

Two of these children, Son Ray lee and William Herbert, have managed Hunt’s oil and gas firms and spread its tentacles, while two others, Caroline and Lamar, have invested their fortunes in other business sectors.

Lamar Hunt became a significant investor in the NFL since its merger and named the league’s most significant event, “Super Bowl.”

He also founded the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, currently a $2.3 billion sports empire.

How Did the Hunt Family Own Kansas City Chiefs?

Lamar Hunt began to desire investment in other sectors in 1959 and saw American sports as the perfect venture.

Following failed attempts to purchase an NFL expansion team and NFL’s Chicago Cardinals, Lamar Hunt and seven others, with unsuccessful attempts to buy an NFL franchise, founded the American Football League (AFL) in August 1959.

Hunt then formed the AFL’s Dallas Texans as the Hunt Family’s football team in 1960.

The NFL decided to purchase their own AFL franchise in Dallas, the Dallas Cowboys.

Sadly, the Hunts’ Dallas Texans began to lose fans to the newly founded Cowboys, prompting Hunt to opt for another alternative — moving the franchise.

In 1963, Hunt finally agreed to move the team to Kansas City, changing the name to Kansas City Chiefs. 

Soon, success smiled on the Chiefs as they became primary title contenders, winning the AFL Championship and reaching the first-ever Super Bowl in 1967.

The Chiefs won the last Super Bowl before the NFL’s merger, which Lamar had substantially contributed to its negotiations.

The Super Bowl IV became the Chiefs’ first-ever Super Bowl title.

Hunt’s coinage of “Super Bowl” originated from a Super Ball toy his children had and became the league championship’s official name in 1969.

The Hunt’s Kansas City Chiefs Management

Lamar Hunt humbly decided that he should be published to the media as the Kansas City Chiefs founder rather than the owner and published his telephone number in the franchise’s phone book until his demise in 2005.

Following Lamar Hunt’s death, his children, Clark, Lamar Jr., Daniel, and Sharon Munson, shared ownership of the Kansas City Chiefs franchise, with Clark overseeing it as chairman and CEO.

The Hunt’s Additional Investments

Clark Hunt and his siblings are minority stakeholders in the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and own the MLS’ FC Dallas soccer team.

The Bulls have generated a higher turnover for the Hunts, winning six NBA championships since the Hunts’ investments at its 1966 founding.

Lamar Hunt’s Brothers, Lee Hunt and William Hunt, oversee oil and gas conglomerate Hunt Consolidated and own Petro-Hunt as they remain billionaires, substantially contributing to the Hunt family’s wealth and fame.

How Much is the Hunt Family Net Worth?

As of 2021, the Hunt Family’s net worth is currently estimated to be $15 billion.

The majority of Hunt’s wealth comes from oil and sports.

They were ranked 16th on Forbes’ wealthiest families list in 2016.

However, Lamar Hunt’s Kansas City Chiefs acquisition can rightly be tagged the family’s most profitable business venture since H. L. Hunt’s East Texas Oil Field acquisition in the 1930s.

In 1960, the Dallas Texans’ net worth was estimated at $25,000 but is currently worth $2.3 billion, which amounts to $38.3 million yearly for about six decades.

Net Worth:$15 Billion
Kansas City Chiefs Founder:Lamar Hunt
Established:14 August 1959 (64 years ago)
Owner(s):Hunt Family
Chairman/CEO:Clark Hunt
Source of Wealth:Oil, Sports Franchise
Last Updated:2021

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Final Thoughts

The Hunt Family’s net worth shows that the owners of the Kansas City Chiefs are not strangers in the world of success.

Through the visionary leadership of part-owner, chairman, and CEO Clark Hunt, the franchise has seen great success.

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