Top-10 Loudest NFL Stadiums Ranked In 2022

Loudest NFL Stadiums Ranked - Centurylink Field - Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks' Centurylink Field. Wikimedia Commons

Which are the loudest NFL stadiums?

If there’s one thing we’re always going to miss about the NFL season, it’s the fans and the crowds in the stadiums.

The architectural design of these sports monuments are built to receive as many people as possible in each game that the host team plays at home.

So, what gives added value to going to the stadium over watching a game on television?

It is, without a doubt, the atmosphere and heat generated in the stands.

The fans also play a significant role in each game, as the loud noise can cause errors in the opposing offenses’ calls.

If you’ve ever wondered what the loudest NFL stadiums are, then you’re in the right place.

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Ranking The Loudest NFL Stadiums

10. Gillette Stadium (New England Patriots)

Gillette Stadium (New England Patriots)
Wikimedia Commons

In recent years, this stadium has produced several quarterbacks rated as the best in America.

Little wonder why fans will troop in their numbers to feel the joy and excitement of the game.

The fans here in this stadium are never dull, and that is why they are here on this list, with constant cheering and happiness for their home team. 

9. AT&T Stadium (Dallas Cowboys)

Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium
Wikimedia Commons

Presently in America, the AT&T Stadium, popularly known as Jerry World, is the most luxurious stadiums in the league.

Fans troop into this stadium weekly to witness games and enjoy its modern facilities such as free and fast Wi-Fi, among many others.

The Ariel view of this stadium is simply fantastic to the eyes.

Over $1.3 billion was spent to complete this stadium.

Apart from its beauty and vast size, fans over here have cultivated a heavy intensity at AT&T Stadium with loud cheers.

8. Heinz Field (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Loudest NFL Stadiums - Heinz Field (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Wikimedia Commons

This stadium is one of the most beautiful and loudest stadiums in Ohio state.

No wonder fans talk about the well designed seats.

This stadium has enjoyed a lot of super Bowl finals over the last decade. 

7. US Bank Stadium (Minnesota Vikings)

Minnesota Vikings' US Bank Stadium
Wikimedia Commons

After the expansion in 2016, the Minnesota Vikings home with over 65,000 seats has brandished itself as one of the families of terror to the opposition.

The sound alone from this stadium can deafen the ear of someone.

The joy and excitement in the stadium after its completion is always the talk of the town.

The 1,200 HD flat-screen televisions and some of the seats are very close to the field.

6. Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis Colts)

Indianapolis Colts' lucas oil field
Wikimedia Commons

After the renovation of this stadium in 2009 with over $730 million, this stadium has housed the Indianapolis Colts.

Its fans are one of the most supportive and wildest in America today.

Their loud noise alone can scare the opposite team.

While the Lucas stadium has been accused several times of using artificial crowd noise, yet it does not remove the fact that their roaring fans make their club the king.

5. State Farm Stadium (Arizona Cardinals)

State Farm Stadium - Arizona Cardinals
Wikimedia Commons

If the Arizona Cardinals team has not left us to owe something, it is an excellent stadium atmosphere.

It may be that they have not had the best performances or that the fans expect a Super Bowl like Kurt Warner’s.

But whatever happens, every weekend, 65,000 people go to support the Cardinals in their games.

The approximate decibel record is about 130, which is highly commendable for a stadium with 10 percent less capacity than those previously mentioned.

4. Lambeau Field (Green Bay Packers)

Loudest NFL Stadiums - Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field
Via Packers

The Packers fans are one of the loudest in the league.

However, their merit of getting on the list is not because of their large stadium of 80 thousand spaces.

This stadium is also called the city with the least population.

The Lambeau reached a record of 123 decibels in 2012, with the stadium full.

The city of Green Bay has only 104,000 inhabitants, which gives us in calculations that 80 percent of the population attends every two weeks to support what is probably the most emblematic team in the NFL.

3. Mercedes Benz Superdome (New Orleans Saints)

Loudest NFL Stadiums - Mercedes Benz Stadium - New Orleans Saints
Wikimedia Commons

We finally have a dome on this list, and it couldn’t be other than the home of the New Orleans Saints.

In 2014 the fans of this team set out to break the Seahawks record set in 2013.

Its capacity of 74,000 fans seemed to be enough for this to happen, and the fact that the stadium is closed was tempting to be an advantage as it was built such that the noise is concentrated.

However, no matter how hard they tried, the record did not exceed 126 decibels, which is not bad, but the goal was a little far off.

The Seahawk fans call themselves ‘Player number 12’, and that is just saying it lightly.

From what we’ve seen so far, every single one of them acts as if they are.

Since the 2013 season, the Seahawks fans have been one roaring thunder in every game, with the noise reaching up to 137 decibels.

The amount of noise made in that stadium is similar to that of an airplane going to take off.

The stadium’s design is made so that noise is concentrated, and the fans are also tasked with producing it when the opposing offense is on the field.

The Century Link seats 72 thousand fans, and an empty seat is hard to find.

1. Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City Chiefs)

This stadium held the Guinness Record for the most decibels achieved in a football game.

Those from Missouri hit 142.2 decibels in a 2014 match.

The Red Tide Stadium is one of the most iconic in the entire United States, as it is home to one of the most iconic football teams in the country.

The Kansas City fans are one of the most loyal in the league, and they show it every week by filling the capacity of more than 76 thousand seats that the ‘Punta de Flecha’ stadium has.

The Red Tide, as the fans are nicknamed, has a famous chant that they use every week to cheer on the players. 

So just how loud is Arrowhead stadium

The claim that Arrowhead stadium is the loudest in the NFL is not only backed by measure of decibel and the Guinness Record. It also has the backing of famous NFL legends.

John Elway once said and asked the refs to quiet the crowed during a game against Denver, also another request was made a few short years later against the Raiders.

Many players admit that playing at Arrowhead can sometimes feel like standing next to a jet engine when it runs.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our article about the loudest NFL stadiums in North America.

We sure have missed cheering our favorite teams right from the stands.

But there is one thing we can be sure of, whether it takes a month or a whole year, the fans will fill these stadiums once again to enjoy their favorite games.

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