Top-10 Richest WWE Wrestlers In The World 2020

Top-10 Richest WWE Wrestlers In The World
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson who graced the cover of 'Time 100' issue in April 2019, is the richest wrestler of all-time. (Image credit: WWE)

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) which continues to dominate world wrestling maintains its position as the #1 wrestling promotion company, thanks to the calibre of stars it continues to feature. From Hulk Hogan to The Rock, WWE has seen some of the best stars who captivated the minds and hearts of fans globally. The constant show of entertainment these stars put up is heavily rewarded with huge financial packages by WWE. Aside from this, the popularity their fame in the WWE affords them has made it really easy for them to venture into other industries, prominent of which is acting, which many of the top WWE stars continue to flood. In this article, we’ll review the top-10 richest WWE wrestlers in the world right now, based on their net worths.

It should be noted that this article is aimed at listing the richest wrestlers, and not the highest-paid. The wealth of these wrestlers are not entirely generated from professional wrestling alone, which was considered before compiling this list. Without further ado, we present the wealthiest WWE wrestlers of all-time.

10. Randy Orton – Net Worth $11m

Photo of Randy Orton
Randy Orton (Image credit:

WWE star Randy Orton who is a third-generation wrestler in the WWE is one of the most popular faces in WWE Raw. The star who continues to solidify his place as one of the toughest wrestlers in the world has a significant net worth which matches his wrestling skills. The man who came from Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) where he emerged as champion on two occasions, rose to world prominence when he became the youngest wrestler to claim a WWE Championship at the age of 24. Since then, he has been on a fiery run, winning several championships. Randy Orton is worth about $11 million.

9. Batista – Net Worth $13m

Triple H vs Batista, WrestleMania 35 – April 2019. (Image credit: WWE)

A very popular face in Hollywood and in WWE, Batista is one of the toughest wrestlers in the world. As with most wrestlers, Batista possesses a very huge physique, one which has been used incredibly to his advantage. In the WWE, he holds the record for the longest WWE Heavyweight Championship reign, for 282 days. Just like his wrestling career, Batista has had a very impressive acting career, he is one of the few stars in the WWE, who have featured in blockbuster movies, which have grossed millions of dollars, such as Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Batista is worth $13 million.

8. The Undertaker – Net Worth $17m

Photo of Undertaker
Undertaker (Image credit:

The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the most popular faces in the WWE embodying a morbid fascination with pain as well as his macabre personality which has made him some sort of feared personality in the WWE. Just as how the name ‘The Undertaker’ sounds dreadful and fearful, the man himself his known for inflicting terrible pains on opponents. His reign in the WWE is one which has seen several feuds with top stars. The most brutal of which is his feud with fellow WWE star Kain. The 17 time champion in WWE is worth $17 million.

7. Big Show – Net Worth $20m

Big Show
Big Show – Paul Wight. (Image credit: WWE)

WWE Raw superstar, Big Show is no ordinary giant. One of the strongest in the WWE, Big Show is not just a popular face in the WWE, but also in another wrestling promotions company, the World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Big Show who has won as much as the WWE championship, the most of which is the World Tag Team Championship, is the 12th WWE wrestler to win a grand slam. An actor also, he has featured in several movies such as Vendetta, Knucklehead and several others. Big Show is worth about $20 million.

6. Brock Lesnar – Net Worth $22m

Photo of Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar. (Image credit:

Currently the highest-paid wrestler in the WWE, Lesnar is also one of the toughest in the game. Lesnar rose to popularity in the WWE after he emerged as the youngest wrestler ever to win the WWE Championship. The star who has also tried his hands in several sports such as football, Mixed Martial Arts and wrestling is the only athlete to have ever held an Ultimate Fight Championship and WWE Championship. Lesnar whose UFC and WWE career is really glamorous is worth $22 million.

5. Hulk Hogan – Net Worth $25m

Photo of Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan. (Image credit: Paul Kane/Getty Images)

Known for his signature beards, Hogan is one of the most successful WWE stars. Widely hailed as the most recognized stars in the WWE and the most popular WWE star of the 1980s, Hogan has gone by many nicknames in the WWE, but Hulk Hogan’s real name is Terry Gene Bollea. The first WWE star to emerge victorious in successive WWE Royal Rumble matches has won several WWE championships. The WWE Hall of Famer who has fought for several wrestling promotions company is one of the top-5 richest wrestlers with a net worth of $25 million.

4. Stone Cold – Net Worth $30m

Photo of Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin. (Image credit: WWE)

Retired WWE wrestler, Stone Cold is by far one of the WWE stars who have left an indelible mark in the WWE history books. The star who is exceptionally gifted in showmanship made his entrance music in the WWE an anthem which several fans effortlessly recall is by far the number one star in the WWE. The star who featured in several wrestling promotions company in the world is widely recognized for his stint in the WWE. The notorious wrestler who constantly defied orders from WWE executive prominent of which his WWE CEO Vince McMahon, has won about 19 championships. Stone Cold is worth $30 million.

3. Triple H – Net Worth $40m

Photo of Triple H
Triple H vs Batista, WrestleMania 35 – April 2019. (Image credit: WWE)

A wrestler, actor and business executive, Triple H is not just about muscles, but also about entertainment and business. But he is most recognized for his exploits in the rings. Triple H had won several WWE championships famous of which is his World Championship title which he won on 14 occasions. Triple H is also the brain behind the WWE NXT program which is a farm system for breeding top WWE stars. Triple H is worth $40 million.

2. John Cena – Net Worth $55m

Photo of John Cena
John Cena (Image credit:

In the WWE, John Cena needs no introduction. The star is one of the few who have won the most WWE Championships. Previously known for his adept showmanship and unique way of degrading his opponents through incredible trash talks, John Cena’s reputation is now firmly established as a result of his tough acting skills which features both his comedic and superhero characters. Cena’s acting career is also as incredible as his wrestling career, as he has featured in several blockbuster movies such as Bumblebee and the upcoming F9 movie. Cena is worth $55 million.

1. The Rock – Net Worth $350m

Photo of Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson in 2017. (Image credit:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is by far the most popular wrestling star who has had one of the most successful wrestling careers. The star who is known for his incredible strength, adept showmanship and his fascinating ability to stir crowd’s emotions is no doubt solidifying his family’s wrestling legacy. In acting, The Rock is the most successful star who has featured in several movies which has grossed as much as $10 billion. The Rock who has claimed the WWE World Championship 10 times is the richest WWE wrestler with a net worth valued at $350 million.

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There you have it—Our top-10 richest WWE wrestlers in the world, 2020. What are your thoughts? Please let us know in the comment section below.


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