Top-10 Greatest WWE Wrestlers Of All-Time 2020

Top-10 Greatest WWE Wrestlers Of All-Time
Is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin the G.O.A.T. WWE wrestler? (Image credit: WWE)

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is home to some of the best professional wrestlers in the globe who have thrilled fans with signature moves, incredible showmanship and surprising exceptional performance. While the WWE boasts of some of the greatest superstars in the craft, the subject of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all-time has been a controversial one, with each WWE fan holding dearly to his own opinion.

WWE’s effort to consistently place wrestlers whom the fans admire and in ironic terms, some who are despised by the fans, have made it the leading wrestling promotion company globally. Undoubtedly, WWE stands and has stood in the forefront of promotional wrestling since the dawn of the 21st century. We ranked the top-10 greatest WWE wrestlers of all-time taking into consideration, showmanship, entrance music, savage responses, performance in the ring which is largely influenced by signature moves, as well as belts won and the audience drawn via pay-per-view events. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

The Top-10 Greatest WWE Wrestlers Of All-Time Ranked in 2020

10. Mick Foley

Photo of Mick Foley
Mick Foley (Image credit:

Veteran wrestler, Mick Foley fought for various wrestling promotions companies, but he is well recognized for his exploits with WWE. The retired wrestler who has ventured into acting is most recognized for his signature ‘Wreck’ move which he began utilising towards the end of his very glamorous wrestling career. Foley who is a WWE Hall of Famer headlined the 1999 WrestleMania and emerged WWE World champion on three occasions. His love of metals which he unsparingly used in the rings earned him a reputation for brutality. Mick Foley’s showmanship was as brutal as his wrestling skills and his wide rampage of abusive words, complemented by his Mandile Claw finisher which no doubt was trivial to his eight-time tag team championship.

9. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Photo of Roddy Piper
WWE Hall of Famer, Roddy Piper. (Image credit: WWE)

Late Roddy Piper was undoubtedly a force in the ring. Known for his entrance bagpipe and kilt music, Roddy Piper was a hotshot among the fans. The Canadian wrestler who had Scottish roots was one of the top stars who headlined the WrestleMania and the Starrcade and won 38 championships throughout the duration of his wrestling career. Though he did not wrestle for WWE alone, Piper amassed more fame with WWE. His mastery of the sleeper move earned him several awards in the WWE. Some may consider him to be the greatest villain wrestler, but Roddy Piper was no doubt, one of the best stars ever to have wrestled in the WWE. Piper is a WWE Hall of Famer.

8. Macho Man” Randy Savage

Photo of Randy Savage
“Macho Man” Randy Savage. (Image credit: WWE)

“Oooh yeah”. WWE fans recognized Randy Savage for his ‘Oooh yeah’ signature call, but he wasn’t just known for this alone. His signature entrance music, the “Pomp and Circumstance” was well recognized in the WWE. The Wrestler who many call an egomaniac and narcissistic was indeed a top-notch wrestler. In his 32-years of wrestling, his finishing aerial acrobatics move was effective as it earned him several championships such as his two-time World Heavyweight Championship.

7. John Cena

Photo of John Cena
John Cena (Image credit: WWE)

John Cena is just phenomenal. Loved by kids and the ladies, the wrestling superstar’s entrance music is as classy as the man himself. His ‘you can’t see me’ rhetoric surely earned him more fans. His showmanship is one of the most spectacular in the game. In performance, Cena is matched by just a few in the WWE. He has emerged WWE Champions, on 16 occasions. His win also includes tag team belts and the United State Championship. His list of finishing moves such as the Attitude Adjustment, the Stepover Toehold Facelock, widely known as STF, the Tapout finisher and the brutal Five-Knuckle Shuffle, which many will call a rebranded form of the People Elbow, but not with the Elbow, but with the fist, are among the most brutal finishing moves in the WWE. 

6. The Undertaker

Photo of Undertaker
Undertaker (Image credit: WWE)

Dark and scary, Undertaker professes links to the underworld, but the wrestling thespian is just a wrestler who has mastered the art of really impressive showmanship that has stuck and made him exceptional ever since. What he lacks in savage utterances, he makes up in the ring. Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver was one of his finishing move which few in the WWE ever survived. His chokeslam, which is also effective, has been one move which few have ever gripped free from. In championship wins, he holds as many WWE belts as mosts of the top stars. He has emerged WWE Champion four times, WWE Heavyweight champion three times, WWE World Tag Team champion six times. This no doubt solidifies his position as one of the top-10 greatest WWE wrestlers of all time. 

5. Ric Flair

Photo of Ric Flair
WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair. (Image credit: WWE)

For 40 years, Ric Flair ranked high in world wrestling and that’s not limited to the WWE. His exploits across several wrestling promotions companies earned him the reputation he currently adorns. “The Nature Boy” as Flair was known during his wrestling days, energetically made ways to the rings vibing to the tunes of “Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30.”

His timing was so perfect that when the crescendo hits, Flair was right then making his way into the rings. That indeed is an epic entry. His showmanship was unmatched. His crazy rhetorics, disparaging words and insane actions, such as cuffing himself to the rings while challenging an opponent made him a fan favourite. His finishing Flair’s Figure-Four Leg Lock move was so effective that across the various wrestling promotions, it’s earned him several victories. The Hall of Famer won the WWE Championship twice, he also is one of the few WWE wrestlers to have ever emerged as a triple champion. 

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4. Hulk Hogan

Photo of Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan. (Image credit: Paul Kane/Getty Images)

From his looks to his moves, Hulk Hogan is simply the best. The legendary wrestler known for his moustache is a fan favourite. Hogan is one of the star wrestlers who made entrance music as significant as it is in modern-day wrestling. A way to drive the fans crazy, Hogan used quite a bit of music to get his way into the rings, such as Real American and Eye of the Tiger. His rambles on the mic were complemented by his interest see action in the ring. His awesome Atomic Leg Drop made the fans scream in frenzy. For a star as incredible as Hulk Hogan, winning belts was top of his list. He won the WWE Championship five times and holds the record for the second-longest holder of the title. For his impeccable performance, Hogan was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Photo of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who graced the cover of ‘Time 100’ issue in April 2019, is one of the WWE G.O.A.T. (Image credit: WWE)

Third-generation wrestler, Dwayne Johnson is by far one of the most classy and greatest wrestlers of all time. For a man who had a failed football career, he has proven he was meant to wrestle. His entrance music which fused electric guitar, drum beats and pop tunes were well-loved by WWE fans, who would jump as the speaker blazed the classy tunes. His showmanship is supreme.

No star in the WWE contends with The Rock in his perfect insulting rampage. A star like Johnson fears no one, even the fans, who had been on the receiving end of his brutal rambles. For a man who made the SmackDown an established English word, his moves should be top-notch, and it is. His Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow move left opponents writhing in pain. The star has claimed eight WWE Championships and several more titles.

2. Shawn Michaels

Photo of Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels. (Image credit: WWE)

Wherever he goes, the “Heartbreak Kid” leaves a mark. Across several wrestling promotions companies which he has fought in, Michaels has had a splendid time. His energetic entrance music was spot on, a classy one, which fused with his amiable disposition. His rambles came with layers of comedic rhetoric and insults. His savage responses would set the fans crazy, and his moves were incredible.

Michaels successfully mastered the art of using his heels to deliver a special Sweet Chin Music finishing move. He also headlined top pay-per-view events, prominent of which is the WrestleMania. His artful and wonderful performance in the WrestleMania earned him the nickname Mr WrestleMania. He has won the WWE championship, four times, emerged as the first grand slam champion in the WWE and the fourth Triple Crown Champion. Michaels is a two time Hall of Famer.

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1. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Photo of Stone Cold Steve Austin
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin. (Image credit: WWE)

Under many names, famous of which is the Stone Cold moniker, Steve Austin has ruled the WWE. Fans may disagree that, he is the greatest WWE wrestler of all time, but rather than focusing his craft on one aspect of wrestling, Austin has evenly distributed his skills across various aspects of the sport to emerge as the greatest in wrestling.

His entrance music was so reputable that it became a sort of anthem in the WWE, even long after he departed from the rings. His showmanship was as badass the man himself. One of his most memorable lines, fans holds dear is the “Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass” remark, which sent giggles and laughter among fans. Austin also is the Man behind the fans “What” screams which have lived on for more than 20 years. His top finishing move, the Stone Cold Stunner, is hailed by pundits as the greatest finishing move in the WWE. The Texas Rattlesnake has also left opponents in a semi-conscious state.

Following a career-changing neck injury, Austin’s wrestling actions significantly reduced to brawls and showmanship, but none the less, the star still bagged 19 championships. He won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship six times, the Tag team championship four times and is the fifth wrestler to have emerged as a Triple Crown Champion.

There you have it—Our 2020 ranking of the top-10 greatest WWE wrestlers of all-time to grace the rings since the history of the WWF/WWE. What are your thoughts? Please share with us in the comments section below.


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