Hottest Female Wrestlers 2020: Top-20 WWE Divas

Top-20 WWE Hottest Female Wrestlers

Who are the hottest female wrestlers in WWE? See our WWE Divas top picks.

In the history of WWE, women are known to have been taking good parts in the sport. Women’s roles in the game ranged from managers to presenters. Later on, women were properly introduced to the sport as wrestlers, and they were given the term “Divas”.

However, the term changed in 2016 when WWE began to call female wrestlers as “Superstars” or “Women Superstars”. To describe the success of a wrestler – male or female – two major factors are put into consideration, which are the wrestler’s in-ring skills and promo skills. The appearance of a wrestler also influences his/her success. 

While this article is not aimed at objectifying female WWE Divas/Superstars, we have gone ahead to list the top-20 hottest WWE wrestlers who have earned a great reputation in terms of both in-ring skills and promotional skills.

Here are the WWE Hottest Female Wrestlers right now

20. Becky Lynch

Hottest WWE Superstars - Becky Lynch

Hailing from Irish, Lynch is one of the hottest female wrestlers that spice up the sport in the WWE. She started her career as a wrestler in 2002 but had a pause as a result of a head injury she sustained in 2006. The injury made her stay off the ring for 6 years. There were speculations that might be the end of her career as a wrestler. However, Lynch came back into wrestling, and she did not only come back; she surprised her fans by her fantastic performance, which later earned her SmackDown Women’s Championship twice. Along with other fellow wrestlers like The Miz and Shawn Michaels, Becky Lynch was also featured in the movie Marine 6.

19. Natalya Neidhart

Sexiest Female Wrestlers - Natalya Neidhart

Natalya Neidhart takes the 19th spot on our WWE hottest female wrestlers list. Born in the year 1982, Natalya is a third-generation wrestler and is one of the great wrestlers to reckon with in the WWE space. One factor that might be considered a favour on Natalya’s side is her marriage to Tyson Kidd. Also, her cousin, D.H Smith is a strong hand in the WWE.

18. Rosa Mendes

Hottest WWE Superstars - Rosa Mendes

On our 18th spot on the WWE hottest divas list is a Canadian female wrestler, Rosa Mendes. Performing in the 2006 edition of Divas Search, Rosa was announced to occupy the third position in the competition. Going through her career, Rosa did not miss any of the brands of her time. What added to Rosa’s reputation was her position as a main cast in the reality show Total Divas.

17. ‘Ravishing Russian’ Lana

Hottest WWE Superstars - Ravishing Russian Lana

Lana was born in Florida and started her career in pro wrestling as a manager – managing Rusev. Though her parents, who hailed from Portugal and Venezuela, have no connection with Russia, Lana is known to use Russian as her accent while performing. Though she had been with WWE since 2013, she appeared in the ring for the first time in 2016. Lana is married to a fellow wrestler Rusev in 2016. She has made several appearances on different reality TV shows and is one of the main casts of Total Bellas. Lana is our 17th pick on the WWE hottest female wrestlers list.

16. Brooke Tessmacher Adams

Hottest WWE Superstars - brooke Tessmacher Adams

Born in 1984, Brooke Tessmacher, with the ring name Brooke Nichole, is also known simply as Adam. Adam did not have a long career, with just few in-rig appearances. However, Adam has made a huge success in her TNA career. She got married to a personal trainer with whom she has two children.

15. Ronda Rousey

Hottest WWE Superstars - Ronda Rousey

Another female wrestler making it to our list is Ronda. Ronda is one of the female wrestlers earning the highest salary as a female wrestler. This was not just so, but as a result of her in-ring great performance. Ronda is not just a wrestler; she was future in various movies, such as Miles 22 and Furious 7. She is married to Travis Browne.  

14. Liv Morgan

Hottest WWE Superstars - Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan was not privileged to know her father and was raised only by her mother along with her five siblings. Ever since her childhood, she had developed an interest in pro wrestling and did everything to make sure her dream came true. Finally, in 2014, she became a WWE superstar with the ring name Marley. She’s notably one of the WWE hottest female wrestlers who never fails to look stunning whenever she performs.

13. Paige

Hottest WWE Superstars - Paige

Paige is the youngest wrestler to ever win Diva’s Champion. She launched into wrestling at the age of 13 and has made a significant impact in the ever-busy world of pro wrestling. She came into limelight when she won both NXT Women’s Championship and Divas Championship. This made her the first female wrestler to win the two belts at the same time. Aside from the fact that she’s such a great performer, she’s also one of the notable hottest female WWE superstars.

12. AJ Lee

Hottest WWE Superstars - AJ Lee

When it comes to the most accomplished female wrestlers, AJ Lee is one we cannot afford not to mention. In her career, she won a number of belts and retired in April 2015. Some fans of wrestling believed her retirement to be born from her husband’s (CM Punk) exit from the company. 

11. Peyton Royce

Hottest WWE Superstars - Peyton Royce

Born in 1992 in Australia, Royce competed in indies before going on to make her debut in NXT in 2018. She has an appealing look, which has earned her more fans. And yes, Royce is one of our favourite WWE Hottest Female Wrestlers pick.

10. Maria Kanellis

Sexiest WWE Diva - Maria Kanellis

When it comes to wrestling, Maria Kanellis is a veteran. She has performed as a stable manager and as a pro wrestler. She didn’t only perform in pro wrestling but also she has been featured in several movies. Her first appearance in WWE was in 2014 as a backstage interviewer. The pro wrestler got married to a fellow WWE Superstar Mike Kanellis with whom she has a child. 

9. Alexa Bliss

Hottest WWE Divas - Alexa Bliss

Born in 1991, Alexa came into the wrestling space in 2013 and she has achieved a lot. Alexa Bliss was the first wrestler to have both Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion in her gallery. She earned more reputation in the industry when she won an Elimination Chamber match as she was the first female wrestler to do so. Aside from her pro wrestling prowess, Alexa Bliss is noticeably one of the hottest WWE Divas right now.

8. Michelle McCool

Hottest WWE Divas  - Michelle McCool

Michelle, one of the most reputable female wrestlers of her time, was discovered in the 2004 edition of Diva’s search. In 2009, she won the WWE Women’s Championship and also captured the Diva’s Champion to become the first woman wrestler to do so. She was formerly married to her school boyfriend, Jeremy Louis. They later got divorced in 2006 before she got married to “The Undertaker” Mark Calaway, who is also a fellow wrestler. They both have a daughter together.

7. Nikki Bella

Hottest WWE Divas - Nikki Bella

Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, with the ring name Nikki Bella, is one of the successful female wrestlers. She was assigned to FCW when she signed a contract with WWE in 2007. Her debut as a wrestler was with her sister in November 2008. In 2015, she became the Diva of the year after being awarded Rolling Stone. At 20, she got married to her boyfriend, but the relationship only lasted for 3 years. Later in 2012, she got engaged with John Cena and the relationship also ended just a year later. Though retired, the two times WWE Divas Champion is still one of WWE hottest female wrestlers.

6. Torrie Wilson

Sexiest Female Wrestlers - Torrie Wilson

Born in 1975, Torrie came to WWE when WCW was sold to it. Though she initially lacked the skill to get her successful in the industry, she worked hard to improve herself. In 2003, Wilson got married to Billy Kidman, a former WWE superstar, only for The marriage to end in 2011. She was later aired to be in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez, but the relationship ended in 2015.

5. Eve Torres

Sexy Female Wrestlers - Eve Torres

Unlike most other WWE superstars who started their wrestling career at an early age, Eve was into dancing before being discovered when she won the 2007 edition of Diva Search. She was the first female wrestler to bag the WWE Divas Champion 3 times. She got married to Rener Gracie with whom she has two children. 

4. Kelly Kelly

Beautiful Female Wrestlers - Kelly Kelly

Coming in at no. 4 on our WWE hottest female wrestlers list is Kelly Kelly. Born in 1987, Kelly started her life participating in gymnastics and cheerleading. She was initially a model when she was discovered and signed by WWE. She bagged the 2011 edition of WWE Divas Championship which she held for four months. Kelly was in a relationship with Andrew Martin, a former WWE Superstar and later broke up after a couple of years. 

3. Trish Stratus

Beautiful Female Wrestlers - Trish Stratus

Born in 1975, Stratus is successful to have been dubbed the “Diva of the decade”. When she came to WWE, she was in the centre of several sexually themed storylines and went on to win the WWE Women’s Champion for 7 times. Trish is not only known for wrestling; she has gained much of her reputation in charity works. Trish is married to Ron Fisico with whom she has two children together. 

2. Maryse

Hottest Female Wrestlers - Maryse

Again, this is one of the female wrestlers that had their ways to WWE through the Diva Search. Born in 1983 in Canada, she began her career in non-wrestling roles in 2016. She has won the Divas Champion on more than one occasion. Also, she is known to be the third-longest holder of the award. She is happily married to fellow WWE Superstar The Miz and they both have a child together.

1. Stacy Keibler

Hottest Female Wrestlers - Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler is the all-time hottest female wrestler and she is totally a Diva. Born in 1979 in the USA, she started her career as a manager for different Superstars such as Scott Steiner and Test. Stacy came from WCW after it was sold to WWE. Known to have long legs, she was nicknamed “The Legs of WCW” and “The Legs of WWE”. She is happily married to Jared Pobre, CEO of Future Ads, with whom she has two children. 


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