Top-10 Highest-Paid Female WWE Wrestlers 2020

Highest-Paid Female WWE Wrestlers

Who is the highest-paid female WWE superstar?

How much do WWE Divas such as Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair earn in a year? Read on to find out which of your favourite Divas made the list!

Decades ago, male wrestlers were the only ones who dominated the WWE and all other wrestling promotions. But we are now in a new era where female wrestlers are also beginning to command respect for their equally impressive performances, and headline events. 

Female wrestlers are now seeing an increase in their paychecks, thanks to the increased reception by fans and the increased promotion of female wrestling events such as the WWE All-Women Pay-Per-View, Raw Women Championship and other great shows.

In this article, we take a look at the top-10 highest-paid female WWE wrestlers list as of 2020 and their annual salaries, as revealed by the entertainment company.

Here are the Highest-Paid Female WWE Wrestlers

10. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks

Salary: $250,000 Per Year

Even though the frequent injuries that wouldn’t let her have a smooth run, Sasha Banks is one of the most technical female wrestlers in the WWE. She has bagged a record four Raw women’s championships as well as the Tag Team Championship with Bayley. Banks currently earns around $250 thousand per annum.

9. Carmella


Salary: $260,000 Per Year

For someone who hadn’t really considered a career as a wrestler, Carmella has really achieved a lot in the industry. She started out as a dancer before she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps by going into wrestling. She joined the WWE in 2013 and was also sent to the NXT. Carmella has proven herself to be one hell of a performer winning the SmackDown Championship after cashing in on her Money in the Bank and becoming the first female wrestler to cash in on the famed ladder match. All eyes are on her to achieve even more and climb her way up to a significant position among the top-paid Divas. 

8. Nia Jax

Nia Jax

Salary: $280,000 Per Year

Nia Jax is also a cousin to The Rock and is no doubt one of the heavyweights in the female division. The 35-year-old 6ft wrestler who also is from the Anoa’i wrestling family has established her name in the WWE, winning the Raw Women’s Championship title. Also, she is one of the few WWE Divas who has made a significant amount from Total Divas.

7. Natalya Neidhart

Natalya Neidhart

Salary: $300,000 Per Year

Natalya is the daughter of a veteran wrestler Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. In her early life, she began to receive training from her father and her uncle. This has made her one of the aggressive best wrestlers in the WWE. There are speculations that no female wrestler has gone that long to serve WWE as Natalya. Of all female wrestlers who came to WWE in 2017 and before, Natalya is the only one remaining in the company. On several occasions, she has won the women champions, and she is considered the most veteran in the locker room who is listed among the highest-paid women wrestlers in the WWE.

6. Bayley


Salary: $350,000 Per Year

Taking the sixth spot of highest-paid WWE Divas with an annual salary of $350,000 is Barley. Bayley was performing for the Independent Circuits under the moniker Davina Rose. She joined the WWE in 2012 and was also assigned to the NXT where she won the NXT Women’s Championship in 2015. Balay got into the main roster where she performed in the Raw Brand winning the Raw Championship, as well as the Tag Team Championship.

After winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match in 2019, she cashed in the briefcase and took her first SmackDown Championship title. By winning the four major titles, she became the first Grand Slam and Triple Crown Champion. She is currently in her second reign as the SmackDown Champion which already holds the record as the longest reign in the SmackDown Brand.

5. Asuka


Salary: $350,000 Per Year

After featuring in several wrestling promotions in Japan, Asuka was signed to the WWE in 2015 on a Developmental Contract and was assigned to the NXT. While in the NXT she won her first NXT Championship and she held on to the title for the better part of the two years she spent in the NXT (an incredible 510 days – the longest reign in the NXT’s history), before joining the promotion’s main roster.

Asuka has since shown her worth as one of the very best, by winning the Women’s Royal Rumble, a SmackDown Championship, and the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Asuka’s annual pay is currently pegged at $350,000, making her the fifth highest-paid WWE Diva right now.

4. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss

Salary: $350,000 Per Year

Alexa Bliss was signed to the WWE in May 2013 and was then sent to the NXT which was still a Developmental Territory at the time. She keeps proving to everyone that she is no doubt one of the very best. Her hard work and great performances have helped her become the first wrestler to hold the SmackDown Women’s Championship on two occasions.

After conquering the SmackDown Brand for a second time, she got drafted into the Raw Brand and won the Raw Women’s Championship on three different occasions. Winning her first Tag Team Championship confirmed her as the second WWE Diva to become the second Women’s Triple Crown Champion. Alexa bliss currently earns around $350 thousand per year.

3. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair

Salary: $1.1 Million Per Year

The second-generation wrestler Charlotte Flair is the daughter of Rick Flair, she is also an author and an actress. She has also proven to be one of the best female wrestlers in the WWE winning the Women’s Championship on ten occasions. Flair was signed by the WWE in 2012 and sent to the NXT where she began her training. She currently holds the NXT Championship for the second time (though the WWE does not recognize her first NXT title because the NXT was still a Developmental Territory and not yet an official brand).

In 2016, she headlined her first WWE pay-per-view event and became the first female wrestler to do that. Charlotte Flair’s salary is currently around $1.1 million per annum.

2. Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey
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Salary: $2.1 Million Per Year

Ronda Rousey’s annual salary is $2.1 million, making her the second-highest-paid WWE Diva right now. Ronda signed a contract with the WWE in 2018. Before she began her wrestling career, she was already a star in the MMA. She first won a bronze Olympic medal in judo at the Summer Olympics in 2018 and became the first female American Judo athlete to win an Olympic medal in Judo. Rousey is the only woman who has won a WWE and UFC Championship. She is also the only female fighter that would headline a pay-per-view event in the UFC and the WWE. 

1. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch – Highest-Paid WWE Diva

Salary: $3.1 Million Per Year

Becky Lynch’s annual salary of $3.1 places her top on our list of highest-paid Female WWE Wrestlers in 2020. Rebecca quin, with the stage name “Becky Lynch”, is an Irish-born professional female wrestler. Currently, she is on the Raw brand and holds the title of Raw Women’s Championship. During the first few years of her wrestling career, she used to team up with her brother using the stage name “Rebecca Knox”. She has since stepped up her game and performed for several promotional companies which have made her really popular.

However, in 2006, she had to deal with a head injury that kept her out of the ring for almost 10 years until she came back in 2016. Upon her arrival, she signed a contract with WWE. While fans were not expecting much from her, Becky proved she meant business and later won the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Backlash that same year.

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