Top-18 Best Sports For Girls To Play & Benefits

Top 10 Best Sports For Girls
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The best sports for girls have evolved over the years that girls no longer see some sporting activities as the boys’ social preserve.

All over the world, more girls are actively participating in sports. That is because it enables them to learn new abilities, get a lot of activity, and socialize.

While there are several popular sports out there that girls could play, we will look at the top-18 as of now, reasons why girls should play sports, and also benefits.

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The Best Sports for Girls to Play

1. Volleyball

Women's Sports - Volleyball
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Volleyball is one of the best sports in the world today. It is reported to be the top team sporting activity for girls in the US. Like some other physical activity, volleyball can be a pleasant exercise for young ladies to reduce pressure and tension.

It is a sport for girls which helps them train their faculties and challenge their abilities. Volleyball doesn’t need a high skill-set that some different games may require, making it simple for somebody to start playing.

2. Soccer

Soccer is a well-known game worldwide, making it simple for young ladies to take an interest in it. You will discover a soccer group in pretty much every network and school. Since both genders play soccer, it furnishes young girls with the chance to interface with the boys.

Likewise, it is a generally fair game, and guardians don’t have to stress over having the option to help their girls.

Cooperation in soccer will develop confidence and certainty. Since it is a group activity, it helps make stable social bonds that lead to enduring associations. The significance of collaboration is likewise underlined, instructing young ladies to cooperate for a typical decent.

3. Basketball

Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) - Sports - Kristi Toliver
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No doubt, this is among the best sports for girls, especially in the United States. This sport involves the strength of the upper body, coordination, and running.

Again, there is enough cash to be made in the sports which makes it more attractive for girls. With a hoop, a ball, athletic shoes, and a team, you are good to go.

To be effective at basketball, you frequently have to figure out ways to support your teammates during the game. Girls playing the game are challenged to assume leadership roles and guide and motivate their team for the best performance.

4. Cheerleading

For some people, Cheerleading may not be a sporting activity, however considering the athletic capacity required, the long period of intense training required of its participants matches up to different exercises.

This sport is gaining huge popularity among girls worldwide as it holds various advantages for girls who decide to participate in it. It is a sporting activity for the gentle and athletic.

You must be in a cheerful disposition to have the option to cheer a group to triumph. Yet, it would help if you likewise learned esteems, such as commitment, collaboration, and readiness, on the off chance that you are to exceed expectations as a team promoter.

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5. Tennis

Tennis - Serena Williams US Open 2013
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Tennis as a sport enjoys enough popularity and fandom because of some ladies’ achievement in the sport. Talk about the Williams sisters, V Azarenka, C. Wozniaki, and other superwomen Tennis players. These women have made tennis very popular among girls that more girls are going for the sport.

Tennis is an incredible game for those keen on playing without anyone else or with one opponent instead of an entire group. This moderately relentless game includes less running than most conventional games.

6. Swimming

Swimming is another sport that has gained popularity among girls. Young ladies who partake in swimming can make the most of its therapeutic advantages to assist them with navigating through regular day-to-day existence obstacles. Swimming can likewise be performed solo or as a group.

7. Golf

Golf has been among the most popular sports in recent times. Many girls prefer sports that are less physically demanding.

This is why many girls find it easy to adapt to a sport like golf. Other than swinging the club, strolling is included, which fills in as one’s activity from one opening to the next.

This is why it’s a top sport for girls. Although these days, a few golf players ride mechanized trucks to move around, thereby adding more fun to the game

8. Gymnastics

Gymnastics – Simone Biles - Rio 2016
Simone Biles – Rio 2016. (Photo: Agência Brasil Fotografias / Wikimedia)

Many girls are into gymnastics these days that during the Olympics, you witness many young girls performing wonders. It is a sport that requires intense skills and dedication.

It is ideal to begin practicing the game as a young girl and gradually turn it into a daily schedule.

Young ladies taking an interest in gymnastic figure out how to act independently from a young age. Gymnastic provides girls the opportunity to build up a warm and charming character because of the social cooperation involved in the practice.

Being that it’s anything but a simple game, young ladies get the chance to comprehend the significance of perseverance to accomplish their objectives.

9. Lacrosse

Lacrosse is an exciting, fast-paced sport that brings about the combination of some aspects of other sport. Lacrosse, often shortened to lax, is popular among girls.

The game needs a lot of running. It also incorporates some basic elements of many other sports. Ladies’ lacrosse rules are explicitly intended to restrict physical contact between players.

Because of the absence of or limited contact, the main defensive gear required is a mouthguard and faceguard.

10. Hockey

Girls’ Hockey is one of the fastest developing youth sports in the United States. Playing Hockey is an incredible way of working up the leg muscles, such as hamstrings, calves, and hip flexor muscles.

The fast pace of the game requires can help to burn countless calories in a short period. As a team sport, Hockey helps girls develop teamwork spirit as everyone works towards achieving victory.

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11. Softball

Best Sports for Girls

Softball is a great game for athletes who aren’t interested in always causing a fuss. In contrast to baseball, softball is a slower game that necessitates the coordination of hand and eye and the use of both upper and lower body strength.

A softball, a pair of gloves, and attire similar to a club are needed to play this game. By 1930, the term “softball” had become well known across the United States.

The 1930s saw the emergence of numerous comparable sports, each with its own unique set of regulations, in every state and province of the United States.

There are estimates that 40 million Americans play softball at least once a year, making it the most popular sport in the country. Many people of all ages and skill levels participate in competitions annually.

12. Cross Country 

Best Sports for Girls

Cross Country is another sport where players compete alone or as part of a platoon. Girls can do indoor and outdoor cross-country running on a variety of surfaces. In addition, the only equipment needed to participate in this sport is a pair of running shoes.

Cross-country running is a popular sport for people of all ages. It typically occurs in the fall in the United States. Since 1883, the United States has held national cross-country championships.

13. Badminton 

Best Sports for Girls

Badminton is a sport that is popular around the world. Many Chinese citizens are actively involved in the most popular sport in China.

Badminton, a racquet sport popular with ladies worldwide is a racquet sport. It’s a sport that you may play indoors or out. Among girls, it is one of the most popular sports.

The earliest badminton club in the United States was in New York City in 1878. Badminton had grown in popularity in the United States by the 1930s.

As the sport’s popularity grew, badminton clubs, including the YMCA, universities, and more, sprang up all over the place.

14. Cue Sports 

Best Sports for Girls

The most popular indoor games are those involving the use of a cue stick. Both sexes enjoy these sports all around the world.

The pool is a game that women seem to like more than men. Even the best and most famous pool players have a few female players on their roster.

Aside from one pocket, today’s “pool” games can trace their ancestry back to two English board games brought to the United States in the late 1800s.

15. Running 

Best Sports for Girls

It’s not uncommon for running to be a part of nearly every outdoor sport. It’s also a favourite of every athlete on the planet. Running helps them keep their fitness up, so they do it every day.

Over half of the country’s 47 million runners and joggers run at least once a week, according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association 2017.

16. Table Tennis

Best Sports for Girls

The United States established the United States Table Tennis Association’s governing body in 1993. As a result of the Parker Brothers has already trademarked the name ping pong, the game never got that name.

With table tennis, people of all ages can participate. You’ll discover a wide range of ages at any club. But the best part is that all ages can compete against each other, regardless of their age.

You can beat someone half your age in a fight if you’re in good health. When you’re a 10-year-old, you can bring tears to the eyes of an adult. “Power” isn’t the only significant thing in table tennis. Getting the win requires mastery of the three t’s: technique, touch, and strategy.

Girls and boys of different ages and athletic abilities can compete against each other and give each other a good thrashing!

17. Football

Best Sports for Girls

Football has a more substantial impact on the self-confidence of teenage girls than any other popular sport, according to a study that surveyed more than 4,000 female students.

There are 32 teams in the American Football League, and each fan has a favourite. People have a great time because they feel they are a part of the team through thick and thin.

18. Cricket 

Best Sports for Girls

Due to its emphasis on collaboration, leadership, respect, and discipline, cricket is an excellent sport for children to begin playing while they are young. Cricket is a great way for girls to learn about having fun while adhering to social norms and dealing with defeat gracefully.

An estimated 15 million supporters and 200,000 participants in the United States support cricket as America’s fastest-growing sport, with strong economic growth potential.

5 Reasons Why Girls Should Play Sports

These are some of the reasons why girls should be encouraged to play sports:

  • Girls who play sports do better in school.
  • Sports builds self-confidence.
  • Sports reduce situational pressure
  • Girls who play sports learn teamwork
  • Sports enables girls to develop goal-setting and attainment skill

Benefits Girls Derive from Sports

Listed below are the benefits girls derive from engaging in sporting activities:

  • Girls who play sports experience a better fitness level
  • Girls who participate in sports turn out to have a positive relationship
  • Sports make it easier for girls to build social networks.
  • Sports makes girls popular
  • It helps girls to experience better menstruation

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We hope this list of best sports for girls inspires you. Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

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