Top-10 Best Sports For Youths To Play & Benefits

Top-10 Best Sports for Youths to Play & Benefits

Giving the number of sports in the world today, which ones do we say are the best sports for youths? Well, read on as we try to unravel the top ten.

Sports have, over the years, gained massive popularity worldwide. We cannot dispute that the youths make up more than half of the world’s top sports participants. It is the youths that give sports the sweeping energy and enthusiasm it enjoys.

The participation of youth in sports should be prioritized in every household because of its benefits. There are a whole lot of benefits of sports for youths regardless of the particular sport chosen because sporting activities demand more exercise and that is what our body needs to remain in good shape.

Now let’s look at the ten best sports for youths to play and the benefits of sports for youths.

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The Best Sports for Youths to Play

10. Lacrosse

Lacrosse is another game that is fantastic for the youth. Although not yet as popular as basketball and football, Lacrosse is a team sport that is gaining wide popularity in the United States.

The continuous running, catching, and throwing while holding the lacrosse stick makes it a perfect sport for any youth. The combination of these activities improves cardiovascular function, mental strength, and eye-hand coordination.

9. Cricket

With over 3 billion fans across the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, and the world at large; Cricket ranks among the youth’s top sports. Although it is played in so many countries, its prominence varies. The ICC Cricket World Cup is the largest international competition hosted in various countries participating every four years. .

Cricket helps in building motor skills and well-rounded physical development for the youth.

8. Field Hockey

This sport has enjoyed viewership from Europe, Africa, and Australia, with a fan following of over 2 billion people. It has been in existence ever since the 3rd century BC and it secures its place on the list of the top ten sports for youths.

For many youths, it has become a popular passion as a growing sport. Surface types ranging from turf, grass, and tiles are used during matches, and each has various speed ranges and gives enticing varieties for youths.

7. Tennis

Youth Tennis
Via Wikimedia commons

The likes of Rodger Federer, Raphael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena William, and a bunch of top tennis players have drawn the eyes of many youths to tennis.

A recent report has it that youth participation in tennis increased to 4 million in the US in 2018; that is a 1.6 percent rise from the 2017 figure.

As an individual sport, Tennis singles out each player and enables each to develop at his/her own pace.

Due to the long period spent playing a set, tennis offers the youth the ability to build endurance, eye to body coordination, and speed.

6. Volleyball

Healthy youths are expected to be strong and agile, and Volleyball, like other team sports, provides that.

As simple as the game may be, we rank Volleyball as one of the best sports for youth to play. Volleyball revolves around activities that develop the upper body, arms, thighs, and lower legs. It also helps to improve coordination, general body balance, and reflexes. In Volleyball, youth learn a lot about communication and teamwork.

5. Gymnastic

Youth Gymnastics
Via Wikimedia Commons

Many youths are into gymnastics nowadays that during the Olympics, you witness a lot of wonders. This may not be an easy sport like Volleyball, but many youths find it particularly interesting.

To avoid the stiffness of the body, gymnastic, even the basic forms, is recommended for the youth. The general body flexibility it brings may not be found in one sport.

Although gymnastics has its risks, it is ideal to start rehearsing the game from a very young age. This is to enable the participants to gain mastery of the game and avoid debilitating injuries during competitions.

4. Baseball

This American-led sport has a followership of about 500 million fans worldwide. It started in 1876 with the first league and has grown rapidly ever since. The youth of the USA and Japan, amongst others, enjoys the game.

The most significant baseball leagues worldwide are the Nippon League and MLB, which belong to Japan and the USA, respectively.

Baseball involves a lot of movements that benefit the youth in many ways. With activities such as throwing the ball, swinging the bat, to running across bases, a player is always in motion while trying to win games for his team.

Like in every other sport that involves many movements, baseball helps to build up their endurance, increase heart functioning, and reduce risk of obesity.

3. Sprinting

via Wikimedia Commons

Which sports tests a youth’s speed and power more than sprinting? I am yet to witness any. I have never seen an active sprinter out of shape. Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay, Blake, Gatlin, and Powell are well-built athletes with well-distributed muscle mass.

Schools in the United States are pretty much engaged in sprinting programs for their college students, making it a sport generally adored by many youths.

Sprinting as a sporting activity helps with quicker shedding of fat, muscle development and keeps the heart in good condition.

2. Football

Football is one of the most popular sports played with the largest fan base of followers and players worldwide. Being a beautiful game followed by many, it is one of the top 3 sports globally. With over 208 countries playing the game, the game is trendy among the youths.

Football, being a sport of 22 players (11 players of 2 teams each), helps build cooperation and team spirit among the youth. Again, it also teaches discipline and works ethic.

1. Basketball

Youth basketball
Via Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to popularity, few sports come close to Basketball in the United States. Basketball is well organized and played by youth, both locally and professionally.

Getting involved in youth basketball is exciting, and it’s a sure way to build a lasting friendship, learn to work in teams, and develop physically.

Because it’s such an organized sport in the US, youth participation is high, and it doesn’t cost much to get into the game.

Youth can also gain popularity quickly in the United States through basketball because sports media houses always cover the sport.

Healthwise, basketball ball is a game that can drill you into becoming a fitness freak. The sprinting, shielding, jumping, throwing, and lateral running can guarantee any youth’s good physical development.

Benefits of Sports for Youths

Here is the list of benefits youth derive from sports:

Regular Physical Activity

Sports enable the youth to engage in many physical activities such as running, jumping, diving, throwing, and lots more.

Increases Chance of Forming Social and Community Bonds

Yes. Through sports, many youths have made essential friends and, as such, share a community of sports enthusiasts.

Improves Problem Solving Skills

Every competitive sport indirectly teaches how to defeat challenges. Youths who engage in sports approach every challenge with a mindset to find means surmounting the challenge.

Lays a Solid Foundation for a Healthier Life

Regular exercise is one of the keys to a longer and better life. Sports help the youth to reduce the chances of being vulnerable to some ailments during old age.

It Improves Motor Skills

Motor skills are gained from sporting activities that involve dribbling/maneuvering like soccer and basketball.

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