Top-14 Best Sports Science Degrees 2020

Best Sports Science Degrees
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What are the best sports science degrees? SportyTell takes a look.

Sports lovers with a flair for commerce may have thoughts on merging both aspects to earn a living. For this reason, there are professionals in each field of sports management, such as health and fitness, finance, marketing, data, photography, and law. These aspects are reasonable grounds for entrepreneurship and freelance. 

Some of these fields may require earning a college degree to guarantee effectiveness for those who wish to venture. In this article, we list the top-15 best sports science degrees to consider in 2020.

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The Best Sports Science Degrees Right Now

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Coaching

Since many people who are coaches and managers of sports teams today have earned success without earning a degree, the importance of having a degree is not to be left out. Coaches learn leadership skills, logistics, psychology, communication, and pedagogy during their 4-year course in school; these qualities are useful in motivating and teaching players their tactics. The wage of coaches depends on their employers.

2. Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management

Sports Management is a lucrative course to study in college for those who are passionate about leadership in sports. They function as administrators, sponsors and promoters, facility managers, and manage sport ethics. It is an available course for study online and on campus. It is usually a 4-year course, and the services of graduates are required in every level of sport from amateur to professional standards as well as in different sport-related organizations, which include media, teams, colleges, and recreational organizations.

3. Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training

Aspirants of a career in sports as a non-athlete may study this course as it focuses on offering physical therapy to athletes to rehabilitate them, keep them fit, diagnose or provide emergency care. The course helps students understand various physiotherapy fields, such as rehabilitation plans, orthopaedic assessments, and injury healing. Their services may be required in colleges, schools, fitness centres, or professional teams. Based on a projection, athletic trainers will need a master’s degree to be ordained by 2022. Now in 2020, it is one of the best bachelor’s degree courses to study.

4. Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine

Every human may require a doctor at some point or another. Athletes and non-athletes in the world of sports may get injured or sick. Due to this reason, sports doctors are in high demand in the labour market. The 4-year coursework focuses on areas that enable students to treat, prevent, and help athletes cope with injuries. They may work as consultants, freelancers, work with a medical firm, or as a sports team doctor.

5. Bachelor’s Degree in Facility Management

Facility managers manage stadiums, gyms, boxing centres, and other sporting arenas. As a typical four year course, students are acquainted with technical expertise such as architecture, engineering, interior design, and the economic know-how to manage a sporting facility. The labour demand for people in this field has been high in recent years. An average wage of a facility manager is about $87,000 per annum.

6. Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Psychology

In as much as sports may require physicality, the mental part is also a de facto. Sport Psychology degree helps students understand the dynamics of mental performance in sports. The syllabus can be finished in 4 years as well as placement offers and experience on big projects being granted. Graduates in Sports Psychology may be employed as healthcare consultants, rehabilitation doctors, and team coaches.

7. Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Nutrition

Everyone sorts of ways to become healthier through dieting, which includes athletes. That makes this course one of the best to study in college this year. The 4-year course enables students to become acquainted with the diet needs of athletes and non-athletes in the field. Their services may be needed in health clubs, labs, rehabs, teams as they can as well feature as freelancers. The average pay for professionals in this field is about $60,000 per annum.

8. Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Marketing

When brands are launched by big sports brands like Adidas or Nike, it might seem like some easy task, but behind the scenes are some sport marketing graduates overcoming challenges to hit the market. Within four years, a degree in sports marketing will focus on standards of brand awareness, event promotion, and market influence. Graduates from this field may work in sport promotion firms, sport branding firms, professional teams, or sports agencies. 

9. Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Analysis

The numbers may empower a particular team or let them down. The scores, yards recorded, rebounds, and many other records in sports, are essential. Sports analysis involves finance, data management, statistics, and mathematics. The estimated employment rate is expected to increase by 33% in the next five years. Sports analysts may function in every aspect and level of the sport. 

10. Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Communication

This course focuses on media writing, management, sports culture, logistics, and public speaking. Graduates in this fieldwork in sports media, professional sports teams, and agencies and may function as freelancers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, people employed in this capacity may earn as much as $57,000 per annum.

11. Bachelor’s in Sports Media

Just like sports journalism, graduates in sports media may be useful in media organizations, in sports teams, or may feature as freelancers. The main difference between sports journalism and sports media is the high level of technical support involved in sports media. Graduates of this field may earn as much as $60,000 in 2020.

12. Bachelor’s in Sports Journalism

Journalism has many fields, one which includes sports. High demand for information continues to be recorded every day. This information can be accessed in every form of the media, and journalists are at the forefront of information affairs. These journalists may be employed in media organizations, in sports teams, or may feature as freelancers.

13. Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Broadcasting

Sports broadcasters share sports information and events. During their four years in college, they’re trained to gather information and communicate with the public. They may be employed in sports media, in a sports team, or work as a commentator online, over the radio, or on TV. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, sports broadcasters can earn about $41,000 per annum.

14. Bachelor’s Degree in Personal Fitness Training

People who study this course focus on fitness, coaching, training, sports club management, and gym management. A lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers are found in this field due to its low cost of establishment. They may function as personal trainers, exercise tutors, or gym owners. The course may be studied on campus or online and takes an average duration of 4 years for its completion. Some additional courses to aid more effectively in this field may include communication, business, and leadership. For those seeking employment under a firm, about 55,000 jobs are open in the U.S as of 2020.

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Bonus: Top Sports-Related Degrees

Aside from the best sports science degrees already mentioned above, below are some other lucrative sports-related degrees.

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Sports may be useful for recreation, fitness, health, and wellness, but one of the main reasons people get involved in sports is business. Sports teams make profits for agencies and sport construction firms. Administrators are needed to maximize and manage these profits. A business administrator can earn a yearly wage of about $90,000.

3. Bachelor’s Degree in Photography

Photography is the preservation of stories, memories, and in fact, a painting of scenes with light. It is quite not as effortless as it seems. The demand for skilful photographers in sports is high, which makes the course worth studying. Although photography appears to be a skill that may be learned individually, a degree in it will establish professionalism as the four-year degree course helps students to learn digital art, videography, and editing. Professionalism in sports helps photographers discern the best movements to capture in various games and the best angles to excite viewers. A full-time sports photographer may earn up to $62,000 per annum, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2. Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations

Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations might seem like some ordinary course with little relation to sports on the surface, but what contents to share with the public and the best way to share these contents is a test faced by many sports firms. Public Relations focuses on writing, legal, business, and economic foundations as well as strategic relations. For aspiring students with a broader vision, communication, advertising, or marketing courses may provide an edge in the labour market. Professional teams, sports media, college teams, and sports agencies may require their services.

4. Bachelor’s Degree in Event Management

The FIFA World Cup, UCL, Stanley Cup, NBA Championships, and many other leagues and events in the world of sports must be no little task to set up. Events managers are at the sole of affairs during the plans of these events to ensure its smooth running. The high and regular demand for labour in this field is worth its four years of study in college. This field employment rate is expected to grow by 11% in the next five years.

5. Bachelor’s Degree in Parks and Recreation Management

Many people visit parks and recreational centres day in and day out, which makes it an excellent course to study in 2020. These managers have their services required in nature parks and recreation centres, and graduates can earn $25,000. 

6. Bachelor’s in Leisure Studies

This course specializes in areas like recreation, therapy, tourism, and administration. Further studies may include legal issues in entertainment, program planning regarding sports, youth recreation, and health and fitness. Graduates of this field may be employed at nature parks, as guides or managers at summer camps. It is usually studied within four years but maybe more or less depending on the University. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the annual wage for employees in this field to be $24,500 in 2017.

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Final Words

You can have a career in sports without being a professional athlete. While there are several paths you can take to achieve this, you can quickly pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree that focuses on a particular field that may be of interest to you.

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