Top-10 Most Popular Sports In Brazil 2020

trending most popular sports in brazil
Brazil's Neymar playing in a match against Cameroon. (Photo credit: Dolores Ochoa/AP)

Brazil is located along the South American coastline and has a coastline distance of about 7,000km. Due to this, some of the popular sports in Brazil are related to the coast as regards water and beaches. Also with Afro-American culture, some trending sports in Brazil are as a result of cultural entertainment. However, other trending sports are as a result of historical successes and the entertaining effects of those sports. We take you through our top-10 most popular sports in Brazil 2020.

10. Baseball

Originally not a popular sport among Brazilians, it surprisingly gained popularity and prominence in recent years due to the cable TV coverage of the baseball matches. In 2019, it is listed among the sports gaining fans and development among the countrymen. At present, quite a lot of local leagues are rising in Brazil. But, baseball fields are quite a few and not efficient for the rising interests. This problem disturbs consistent training of the sport that is over and over again played on modified football fields.

9. Surfing

Photo of surfing sport
Professional Brazilian Surfer, Gabriel Medina in action as he claims the World Surf League (WSL) title in 2018. (Image credit:

Surfing is a sport that has become part of the day-to-day being of a Brazilian living along the coastline and rooted in the culture of coastal cities such as Ipanema due to the country’s 7,000km coastline. Brazil has some first-rate spots for surfing like Matinhos in Parana. The decent typical weather in Brazil points to the fact that surfing is encouraging at almost all times of the year. Gabriel Medina and Maya Gabeira are some famous surfers in the world that originate from Brazil, and their success could be characterized by Brazil’s coasts and surfing training. One of the world biggest records is the one of Carlos Burle who was renowned for surfing a 100ft wave in Portugal. Not just a leisure game, Surfing has been recognized as sparking sport in 2019.

8. Judo

Judo is the most prominent martial art sport in the country. Being a martial art, the sport is a part of the country’s culture and it is practised by individuals of diverse ethnicities around the country. In the professional category, Brazil is the nationality of some Ultimate Fighting Championship winners like Anderson Silva. Judo was in recent times prod into the sporting limelight in Brazil when Rafaela Silva won a gold medal for Brazil in the women’s judo. Her accomplishment brought media sensitivity around the sport to commercialize judo more. Due to the publicity from the media, the sport which was a mere component of culture is turning out to be a celebrated form of global entertainment in the country and beyond.

7. Tennis

Maria Esther Bueno is the most triumphant female tennis player from Brazil winning 7 solitary titles and twelve doubles titles which includes a mixed double. Gustavo Kuerten is the most triumphant male Brazilian player and was graded the foremost in the world for nearly a whole year. Thomaz Bellucci, who is listed amongst the top 30 players in the world, is Brazil’s best tennis player. In 2018, the Rio Open was held on the eight clay courts that consisted of a 6,200-seat stadium. Due to the hostage in Brazil, the prominence of tennis grew larger and increased its trends in 2019.

6. Capoeira

It is an ethnically noteworthy sport in Brazil which is just breaking significance to other parts of the world. It is an African-Brazilian warlike art that includes rudiments of music and dance which is manifested by skilful, fiddly acts that are often engaged on the ground or totally upturned. It also contains some acrobatics in some editions that are always played with music. In 2019, Capoeira is noted to be performed in international scenes as it is finding its way into the trends, in the course of video games and movies.

5. Formula 1

Photo of Formula 1 (F1) sport - Brazilian Grand Prix
Formula 1 (F1) — Brazilian Grand Prix in action. (Image credit:

Another sport in Brazil that can be attributed to their historical success is both Formula 1, Formula e, sports car racing and motorcycle racing. The country is the nationality of 3 Formula One world champions: Emerson Fittipaldi, Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna.  Brazil has an overall Formula One wins of 101. Two Formula One circuits have been hosted in Brazil; in Rio de Janeiro, and the later in São Paulo. Fittipaldi Automotive remains the only car manufacturer that has its base in Brazil. Auto racing in Brazil is also on the rise, as Stock Car Brazil and Formula Truck are being broadcast nationwide. Brazil has a peak number of viewers in 2018 of 115.2 million in terms of TV reach according to in January 2019. This record signifies a surge of 3 per cent in comparison to 2017. As it is the 2nd year of repeated year of increase.

4. Footvolley

Despite the fact that football is the most prominent sport in Brazil, this game was founded by Octavio de Moraes in the 1970s. It is a blend of football and volleyball, in which the players are required to utilize their feet and head to get the ball above the net to the opponent’s part. It was at first played with five players on each side but was afterwards slashed to two players on each team. Because of its fascinating and attention-grabbing sensation, the increase of numbers of footvolley players and viewers in recent years has been tremendous. In every beach across Brazil, the most popular game enjoyed is footvolley.

3. Basketball

Photo of Basketball sport in Brazil
Professional basketball players in action. (Image credit: REUTERS/Mike Segar )

Another popular sport in Brazil is Basketball, which can be attributed to their relative success in the sport. Brazil possesses a total of six medals at the Basketball World Championship which includes two gold medals. They also have an overall of nine trophies at the FIBA Americas Championship which includes three wins. Oscar Schmidt holds the record of the most celebrated male player from Brazil, while Hortência Marcari holds the record for females. The duo has been inaugurated to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and the FIBA Hall of Fame. Basketball’s status has developed in Brazil; research listed it amid the foremost sports predicted to develop in the pending years. Due to this, Brazil has arisen as a precedent trade fair for the National Basketball Association, and as such been creating occasions in Brazil as from 2002. In 2018, the league trained coaches; applying the styles presently used all over the world and also offering required equipment causing an increased interest of the game as of 2019.

2. Volleyball

Brazil boasts the record of the most prosperous country in volleyball and Volleyball is the 2nd most widespread sport in Brazil. On every beach, Volleyball is being played as both a picnic game and professional sport. This has given Brazilian contestants much feat on a global scale as they are always selected as the favourite contestants in every beach Volleyball contest.

1. Football (Soccer)

Photo of football/soccer sport
Professional football/soccer players in action — Brazil’s Neymar Jr. #10 with the ball in an international champions cup match in 2019 against Peru. (Image credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Football (Soccer) which possesses the highest admiration as regards sports in South America remains the most popular sport in Brazil right now. Boasting of winning the highest number of the FIFA World Cup, the Brazil national team has an unleveled achievement of lifting the trophy five times while clinching the record of the only team to always qualify for every of the World Cup tournament taken. Brazil has hosted the World Cups twice and also lifted the domestic continental tournament, the Copa América trophy on nine occasions; the Olympic football contest just once and the FIFA Confederations Cup four times. The team’s foremost players are all high-flying in the world of football due to their performances, status contractual records and endorsement treaties.

Due to its peak level of adoration and popularity in the country soccer academies are created countrywide by the government and by individuals. More than 10,000 people in Brazil or from Brazil play professionally throughout the globe. Soccer is known to be the main component imbibed into the Brazilian culture; it is played everywhere and by the majority as it is the finest recess game of young children and teens. From a survey, during the UEFA Champions League final of 2019, the number of viewers peaked 150 million across the country.

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There you have it—our list of the top-10 most popular sports in Brazil, 2020. Which trending sports did you expect on this list? Please share in the comments section below.

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