Samantha Busch: 13 Facts About Kyle Busch’s Wife

Kyle Busch's Wife, Samantha Busch
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Samantha Busch, the wife of famous American race driver Kyle Busch, is a lifestyle and fashion blogger. Her fashion tips, which she provides on her blog, has endeared her to thousands of women. Her stylish, intriguing fashion preference is not just apparent in the quality of fashion tips but also her dressing and grooming. Being a fashionista, she owns a clothing outlet, Murph Boutique.

Although an entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast, and blogger, the public eye doesn’t know much about her. She is mostly known as Kyle Busch’s wife.

This article sheds insightful details on the beautiful Samantha Busch.

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Samantha Busch Biography

Samantha Busch was born on June 1, 1986, in St. John, Indiana, to Steve and Donell Sarcinella. At a tender age, she developed a passion for health and fitness. During high school, she got a job at a health club, which served as a quench to her curiosity about health issues. Her love for health matters saw her hanging on to the job even in her college days through graduation.

Samantha graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Purdue University. She furthered her educational endeavors by attaining a Master of Arts degree in industrial and organizational psychology.

Currently, she is an established blogger. Her website is quite engaging and interactive and boasts of a massive number of followers. She offers advice, tips on fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle. Samantha’s blog also features a section for IVF, where she shares tips about her infertility and IVF journey.

Her clothing boutique business also has been successful with tons of sales and boasts of loyal buyers of her clothing line.

Facts about Kyle Busch’s Wife, Samantha Busch 

1. Relationship with Kyle Busch

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The beautiful Samantha Busch first got acquainted with Kyle Busch in 2008. Two years after their meeting, they were in a relationship and got married on December 31, 2010. May 18, 2015, saw the birth of their son Brexton Lock Busch. The couple would have had a second child; however, Samantha suffered a miscarriage in November 2018.

2. Philanthropist

Aside from been known for her friendly personality, Samantha is a genuinely caring soul, and she expressed this through the financial and emotional support she provides to the less privileged through the Kyle Busch Foundation. Also, to note, she plays an essential role in the activeness of the Kyle Busch Foundation. The foundation supports children’s homes welfares in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, and the United States in general.

3. She is a Business woman

Aside from owning and running a boutique, Samantha has demonstrated her versatility in the business world through the successful running of her husband’s car racing team, Kyle Busch Motorsports. She holds a crucial position in the racing team that involves handling daily operations.

4. She is an IVF Advocate

After her difficulty getting pregnant as she suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Samantha promptly conceived via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The experience prompted her to be a strong advocate for IVF. Through a non-profit organization called Kyle & Busch Bundle of Joy Fund, she has helped countless couples IVF treatment financially.

5. She was once a model

Samantha’s career path can be described as diversified. In the education line, she achieved a degree in Psychology. The business sector saw her thrive in the success of her clothing line and her blog as well as her husband’s racing team. However, before all this, she was a model and had represented several fashion companies.

6. Relation to Kurt Busch

Kurt Busch, who also is a race car driver and brother to Kyle Bush, is Samantha’s brother-in-law. The 2004 NASCAR Nexel Cup Series Champion, also like his younger brother has achieved tremendously in the racing scene.

7. She is a fitness guru

During high School through till college, Samantha worked in a reputable health club. She was a fitness instructor at Purdue University. She contributed to physical health exercises by teaching spinning and body sculpting classes. Samantha also worked as a model and represented various fashion companies, including Bailey’s and Sprint.

8. Samantha works with the Kyle Motorsports racing team

Samantha is actively involved in the day-day operations of Kyle Motorsports. She sees to the retail division, and as well manages the digital presence of Kyle Busch Motorsports. Samantha works closely with the teams of Kyle Motorsports.

9. She Starred in the CMT reality show Racing Wives

Kyle Busch Wife, Samantha Busch on Racing Wives
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Samantha Busch starred in “Racing Wives,” a CMT reality TV show which sheds light on the daily activities of famous NASCAR drivers wives. The show also features Ashley Busch (Kyle’s older brother’s wife Kurt Busch), Mariel Lane, Whitney Ward Dillon, and Amber Balcaen.

10. Business friction with Amber Balcaen

An episode of Racing Wives gave insight to the business side of Samantha Busch. It brought to the fore the sour business relationship between Kyle Bush Motorsport’s first female driver and KBM manager Amber Balcaen.

Amber had stepped on the toes of Samantha during the company’s fan day event, where official drivers interact and relate with fans, granting pictures and greetings. However, Amber rather than stand to greet fans as did other drivers opted to take a seat. Samantha had got pissed about this, which was evident in her prudent reaction.

Samantha had subtly informed an employee about taking Amber to a private room where she had a word with her and admitted that working with her might not be possible.

11. Samantha’s Miscarriage

Few days after the end of the NASCAR season, Samantha uploaded a video on her social media platforms giving details of her miscarriage. She had attempted having a second child through In Vitro Fertilization, which was how they had their first son Brexton, now three years old. They had the story on publicize in a bid to create awareness on the subject and helped couples going through the same process knowledge equipped to combat the situation.

In an interview session, the couple unwinds further information about the heartbreaking experience which happened before the NASCAR awards. Although Samantha made known she still would try having another baby again, she isn’t yet in the right emotional health to go through the process back.

12. Community Service

Samantha’s decision to openly share her traumatizing experience with IVF is a way of contributing to the community. Her experience will help other couples who find themselves in a similar situation. To aid with couples going through the same issues, Samantha, in partnership with her husband, founded Kyle and Samantha Bundle of Joy Foundation, a foundation devoted to helping families across the city of Charlotte and the United States financially.

13. Samantha firmly believes in Insurance covering infertility

After marriage, Samantha and her husband, Kyle, struggled to conceive before deciding to undergo IVF procedures, which aided them to get their baby Brexton. The process had cost the couple an estimated $24,000. However, the insurance company didn’t cover the bill. The couple is wealthy enough to afford the figures, but in reality, not everyone could afford it.

For this sole reason, Samantha strongly believes that insurance should cover fertility health issues expenses. It was this firm belief that motivated her to establish the Kyle and Samantha Bundle of Joy Foundation.

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