Sebastian Vettel Biography Facts, Childhood, Net Worth, Life

Sebastian Vettel Biography Facts, Childhood, Net Worth, Life
Sebastian Vettel – Biography, Childhood, Career, Accomplishments & Awards. (Photo credit:

Sebastian Vettel is a German racing driver who competes in the elite division of single class auto racing, the Formula One (F1). Vettel who is considered by pundits to be one of the greatest racing drivers in the F1 is a four-time Formula One champion, but in recent years, he has been involved in a tough contest with Mercedes rival, Lewis Hamilton, for the Championship. Vettel drives for Ferrari and is known to take risks and go beyond the necessary to achieve victory. In this Sebastian Vettel biography facts, childhood, net worth and personal life, we consider the life of an excellent sportsman with several records to his name.

Sebastian Vettel Biography Facts, Age, Info

  • Full Name: Sebastian Vettel
  • Nicknames: Baby Schumi
  • Date of Birth: 3 July 1987
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of Birth: Heppenheim, West Germany
  • Nationality: German
  • Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Parents:
    • Father: Norbert Vettel
    • Mother: Heike Vettel
  • Siblings:
    • Sisters: Melanie Vettel, Stefanie Vettel
    • Brother: Fabian Vettel
  • Spouse: Hanna Prater (married 2019)
  • Children:
    • Daughters: Emilie Vettel, Matilda Vettel
  • Occupation: Racing Driver
  • Team: Ferrari
  • Car Number: #5
  • Net Worth: $100 Million
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Sebastian Vettel Childhood Story and Early Life

Sebastian Vettel Childhood Photo
Sebastian Vettel Childhood Photo. (Photo credit: 2DF)

Sebastian Vettel is one of four children born to Norbert and Heike Vettel in Heppenheim, former West Germany. As a young boy, Vettel was captivated by various interests which include, car racing, basketball and music. As a result of his interest, Vettel adored, former Formula One racer, Michael Schumacher, legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan and late pop star, Michael Jackson. After attempting to pursue a music career like his childhood hero, Michael Jackson, he soon realized that he didn’t have the talent. 

At school, Vettel didn’t perform well, but he did well enough to pass his school-leaving examination. His interest in racing which he had nurtured since he was 3 years old by karting, led him into kart series as young as the age of eight. For a young racer, Vettel showed great promise and his career took off.

Sebastian Vettel Early Career

As young as age 11, Vettel was accepted into the Red Bull junior team. At Red Bull, Vettel’s talent came to the fore again. In 2001, Vettel won the Junior Monaco Kart Cup and several others. After achieving promotion to open-wheel cars, Vettel competed in the German Formula BMW Championship in 2004. He won 18 races out of 20, to emerge champion. In the 2005 Formula 3 Euro Series, Vettel who drove for ASL Mucke Motorsport emerged fifth and was honoured with top rookie of the year. 

When he turned 18, in 2006, Vettel was promoted to the Formula One, to serve as a test driver for BMW Sauber. He also competed in the F3 Euroseries, where he emerged as runner-up. Vettel also debuted in the Formula Renault 3.5 Series, where he placed the second position. Following an accident at Spa-Francorchamps, where he almost lost his finger, Vettel earned the third fastest lap time in the Ultimate Masters of F3. At the 2007 Formula Renault 3.5 Series, Vettel clinched his first win of the series at Nürburgring. That year, he was called up to the Formula One, permanently.

Sebastian Vettel Formula One Career

BMW Sauber (2006–2007)

Sebastian Vettel in 2004
Sebastian Vettel with BMW in 2004. (Photo credit: WR12)

After he was promoted as a test driver to the Formula One, Vettel became the youngest driver to participate in Grand Prix in the Turkish Grand Prix in 2006. Following confirmation that he’ll be in the Formula One permanently, he participated in the 2007 United States Grand Prix, where he emerged eighth. 

Red Bull (2007–2014)

In 2007, Vettel joined Red Bull. In the Japanese Grand Prix, he crashed into Mark Webber of Red Bull Racing, and both drivers had to retire. In the Chinese Grand Prix, Vettel who started in the 17th spot on the gird finished in fourth place. 

The 2008 season didn’t start on a good note for Vettel, who was the only driver in the Formula One, who had not completed a race after four races. He, however, bounced back in the Italian Grand Prix to claim the first race win of his Formula One career. He also was the youngest driver to emerge winner in a Grand Prix event. His win earned him the nickname baby Schumi, by the German media. after finishing sixth at the Singapore Grand Prix and sixth in the Japanese Grand Prix, he finished the season in fourth place in the Brazilian Grand Prix. 

Vettel was thus named Rookie of the Year by Autosport. Following a spectacular 2008 season, Vettel continued remarkably in the 2009 season, which earned him the DHL Fastest Lap Award after securing several fastest laps. He emerged runner-up in the Formula One Championship and signed a contract extension with Red Bull till the 2011 season. 

Sebastian Vettel with Red Bull
Sebastian Vettel with Red Bull in 2010. (Photo credit:

In 2010, Vettel who was never a championship leader won 5 races to emerge as Formula One champion, making him the youngest player to ever claim the championship. He began his title defence in the 2011 season by claiming the Australian and Malaysian Grand Prix. At the end of the season, Vettel had won 11 races and amassed 392 points to defend his title. After finishing in second and sixth position in the Australian and Malaysian Grand Prix, he won his first race of the season at the Bahrain Grand Prix. His second win of the season was at Singapore. 

Vettel went on to win 6 races and earned 281 points to win third successive F1 championship, at the age of 25, making him the youngest triple F1 champion. Vettel’s 2013 season was very spectacular. Vettel won 13 races throughout the season, and 9 of those wins, came successively. He earned 397 points to claim his fourth successive F1 title. He went on to sign a year contract extension with Red Bull in June 2013. 

A new policy in the F1 allowed drivers to pick their numbers, and Vettel chose #5. But being the reigning World Champion, Vettel number for the 2014 season was #1. His 2014 season was a fiasco as he failed to win a race throughout the season. In October 2014, it was announced that Vettel will be departing from Red Bull. 

Ferrari (2015–date)

Following his departure from Red Bull, Vettel signed with Ferrari and debuted for Ferrari in the 2015 Austen Grand Prix. He went on to win the Malaysian Grand Prix, and two other races, which saw him finish in the third position in the F1 championship. 2016 was another big disappointment for Vettel who didn’t win any race. His 2017 season began with a win at the Australian Grand Prix. He also went on to claim the Bahrain and Monaco Grand Prix. At the Belgian Grand Prix, it was announced that he had signed a three-year contract extension with Ferrari. He finished the season in the runners-up spot in the F1 championship. 

Vettel’s 2018 season was particularly interesting as he was involved in a tense struggle against Lewis Hamilton for a fifth title, in what was tagged Fight for Five by the media. After winning the Australian Grand Prix, he finished the season in the runner-up spot, 88 points below winner, Lewis Hamilton. 2019 was another difficult season for Vettel who won just one race, the Singapore Grand Prix throughout the season. He finishes in the fifth spot in the F1 championship. 

Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari
Sebastian Vettel celebrating after he won the Singapore Grand Prix on September 22, 2019. (Photo credit: REUTERS/Thomas Peter)

Sebastian Vettel Net Worth, Salary, Endorsement and Sponsorship

Vettel’s net worth is valued at $100 million. He receives an annual salary of about $40 million. A top athlete with lots of endorsement and sponsorship deals at his disposal, he has intentionally avoided sponsorship deals in recent years.

Sebastian Vettel Personal Life and Relationship

Sebastian Vettel with his wife
Sebastian Vettel with his wife Hanna Prater. (Photo credit:

Vettel is married to Hanna Prater, his childhood friend. The couple who got married in 2019 has three children, Emilie, born in 2014, Matilda, born in 2015, and a boy, born in 2019. 

Vettel’s elder sisters, Melanie and Stefanie, work as dental technicians and physiotherapist respectively. His brother, Fabian, is a racing driver who races for Mercedes in the ADAC GT Masters. 

Vettel speaks, English, German and a bit of Italian.

Vettel who is outspoken does not shy away from expressing his displeasures with regulations in the F1 which doesn’t go down well with him.

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