Bryce Harper Net Worth 2020, Salary & Endorsements

Bryce Harper Net Worth, Salary, Endorsements

Bryce Harper net worth, salary, and sources of wealth in 2020 analysed.

Net Worth:$70 Million
Base Salary:$27.5 million per year
Date of Birth:16 October 1992
Age:31 years old
Source of Wealth:Professional Baseball Player
Last Update:2020


Bryce Harper is a professional baseball player who plays in the MLB for the  Philadelphia Phillies as a right fielder. Regarded as one of the best players in the league, Harper’s antics on the pitch had bolstered the performance of the Phillies squad in recent years. His antics on the pitch have earned him a reputation for excellently hitting average and power as well as displaying incredible fielding, throwing, and base running prowess.

Right from his formative years, Harper had displayed great promise in baseball which had improved as he grew. The MLB star who played baseball in high school and college, became the centre of eyes in the sporting world in North America after he signed one of the richest contracts in the history of sport in the continent. That contract bears testament to the incredible and how highly rated Harper is in the MLB.

With an emphasis on Bryce Harper’s wealth, we review his early life, career/contracts, salary, endorsements, luxury lifestyle, and takeaways from his wealth and success.

Early Life

Bryce Harper is one of the sons born to Ron Harper and Sherilyn Harper. Bryce’s father worked as an ironworker. His sons were not inclined to follow the path of their father as they were completely captivated by baseball from an early age. His sons’ interest in baseball led them to develop their skills in the sport from an early age. Bryce Harper played baseball in high school. His baseball antics earned him several recognitions as a high school player.

Harper appeared on the cover of the May 2009 edition of renowned American Sport magazine, Sports Illustrated. In the magazine, Harper’s abilities and antics were compared to that of NBA player, LeBron James, even though the two play different sports. Determined to finish high school early in other to advance to the next level of his career, Harper earned his GED after his second year in high school and proceeded to the attend the College of Southern Nevada, which competed in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), precisely the Scenic West Athletic Conference (SWAC).

In college Harper proved to be a very good player, one that his team heavily relied on. His team’s reliance on his ability came to the fore following his ejection from a National Junior College World Series game. Without Harper, his College went on to lose the game and the next game which he didn’t play due to suspension. That marked the end of his college career, but Harper bowed out of College baseball, a happy man, by claiming the SWAC Player of the Year and Golden Spikes award, all in 2010.

Career Summary, Contracts, Accomplishments

Harper entered the 2010 MLB Draft and was selected by the Washington Nationals as the Draft’s first overall pick. In August 2010, Harper penned a five-year deal worth $9.9 million which included a $6.25 million signing bonus and tuition for 8 college semesters. With Harper focused on playing professionally in the MLB, he didn’t return to college baseball but played in various minor leagues until 2012. It was while he was playing in one the minor leagues, the  Class-A South Atlantic League, that he was given contact lenses. In April 2012 Harper earned a promotion to the Major league.

In his first season in the MLB, though Harper earned suspension, he produced an exceptional performance, which earned him the National League Rookie of the Year award. In his second season in the league, Harper appeared in the MLB All-star game for the first time in his career. He had knee complications that season and thus had to undergo surgery. In 2014, despite battling injuries, Harper still put up a good performance. In December 2014, he penned a two-year contract extension with the Washington Nationals for $7.5 million.

The contract extension seemed to be a source of great motivation for Harper who produced a very spectacular performance in the 2015 season which earned him the NL MVP award, the Hank Aaron Award, and the ESPN MLB person of the year award. His 2016 season passed with Harper still putting up those incredible performances but without the individual laurels. He then signed a one-year contract extension with the Nationals worth $13.625 million in January 2017. By  March 2017, the deal was renegotiated to a one-year $21.625 million deal to arbitration. He had injury issues in the 2017 season, but that did not have a huge effect on his performance.

Bryce Harper – Career, Contracts, Accomplishments
Photo: Ian D’Andrea / CC BY-SA

In 2018 as his deal with the Nationals reached its end, the franchise offered a $17.9 million qualifying offer. Harper still had an amazing outing with the Nationals in 2018. By February 2019, Harper had become a free agent. He then penned a 13-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies worth $330 million. That deal ranked as the largest in North American sports history until fellow MLB star, Mike Trout signed a more lucrative deal. In his first season with the Phillies, he missed the playoffs, while the Nationals claimed the World Series. 

Career Highlights

Below are some of the best of Bryce Harper’s career highlights.

  • NL MVP (2015)
  • NL Rookie of the Year (2012)
  • Silver Slugger Award (2015)
  • NL Hank Aaron Award (2015)
  • NL home run leader (2015)
  • Golden Spikes Award (2010)

Bryce Harper Net Worth in 2020

Bryce Harper’s net worth is valued at $70 million in 2020. He ranks as one of the richest MLB players with his fortune. His fortune took a considerable leap following the signing of one of the richest contracts in North America sports history, his $330 million 13-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. Bryce is still in the early years of his lucrative contract and will earn more in bonuses. Harper’s contract which includes a $20 million signing bonus could see his net worth rise as much as $100 million prior to the completion of his long term deal with the Phillies.

Aside from salary earnings which make a significant portion of his annual earnings, Harper earns millions from endorsement deals. Being one of the most marketable stars in the MLB, top brands have made several bids to be affiliated with him. With future dealings which he most likely will venture in ahead of his post-retirement life, Harper’s net worth will surely increase.

Bryce Harper Salary in 2020

For the 2020 season, Bryce Harper who is in the second year of his long-term deal with the Philadelphia Phillies will receive $26,000,000 in base salary and will earn a total salary of  $27,538,462.

Bryce Harper Endorsements in 2020

Bryce Harper has one of the largest endorsement portfolios in MLB. The star has sponsorship deals with New Era, Topps, Rawling, Under Armour, and Johnson & Johnson. In 2019, Harper earned $6.5 million from his various endorsement deals.

Bryce Harper Luxury Lifestyle

Bryce Haper’s huge worth is evidence of his hard work for several years, thanks to that, he can enjoy a somewhat luxurious lifestyle.


Bryce Harper is the proud owner of a $2.7 Million Mansion in Henderson, Las Vegas. The house which covers 7,395 square-foot has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a wine cellar, a game room, a swimming pool plus other facilities.

Cars Collection

Bryce Harper’s car collections include a 1969 Camaro SS and a Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Lessons from Harper’s Wealth, Success & Fame

Now that you know the interesting story about Bryce Harper’s rise to fame, his wealth, and how he became successful, here are two lessons from the MLB star.

1. Hard work

Bryce Harper imbibed from his father the principle of hard work which he incorporated into his game. The star has always put in extra work in developing his game, thereby succeeding.

2. Discipline

Though Harper has been ejected from games and earned several suspensions, due to a level of indiscipline, when it comes to his team’s success, Harper is well disciplined. He allows nothing to come in between him and his game, though emotions get the best of him sometimes.


In 2020, Bryce Harper’s net worth is valued at $70 million. Trout’s salary is valued at $26 million per year. The source of his wealth is majorly from his profession as a baseball player.


Aspiring athletes should be well disciplined. Athletes should learn to stick to a strict training schedule.

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