How Much Is Roy Jones Jr Net Worth In 2021?

How Much Is Roy Jones Jr Net Worth

What is Roy Jones Jr’s net worth in 2021?

See how much Jones Jr. is worth, his career earnings, how he makes and spends his money, and other interesting facts.

Roy Jones Jr. is a former professional boxer, boxing commentator, rapper, actor, and boxing trainer from America.

A talented boxer who established himself as one of his generation’s best, Jones Jr. made his mark in boxing, thanks to the numerous records he broke and created.

One of such record was becoming the first former middleweight champion to claim a heavyweight championship in more than a century, precisely in 106 years.

Jones Jr., who fought in a total of 75 professional bouts, where he emerged the victor on 66 occasions (he won 47 bouts by Knock Out), fought for a considerably long period.

Even when he was past his prime, Jones continued to engage younger boxers in the ring, and it was during these fights, he recorded most of his nine professional losses.

While boxing was his major endeavor, Jones Jr. engaged in other activities, including professional basketball, rapping, and acting. In fact, while he was boxing, Jones was engaging in professional basketball.

He once played basketball in the morning of a title defense bout, and he triumphed over his opponent.

His boxing, music, and acting exploits earned him a considerable amount of money to set up as a super-rich athlete.

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What is Roy Jones Jr’s Net Worth?

As of 2021, Roy Jones Jr’s net worth is valued at $45 million.

Jones Jr. earned most of his $45 million fortune through boxing.

He earned as much as $75 million in pay-per-view revenue share, purse money, and television rights in his career, spanning three decades. 

His earnings from his other ventures, notably basketball, music, and acting, did not bring in as much as his boxing exploits. 

Currently, Roy Jones Jr. is an ambassador for Fight to Fame, making him the fourth world-class boxer to join the Brand’s ambassadorship.

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How Much is Roy Jones Jr.’s Career Earnings?

Throughout his career, Roy Jones Jr. earned $55 million from Pay Per View bonuses, purse earnings (guaranteed), and sponsors (minus taxes and other fees).

He could have earned as much as $100 million in career earnings if he had taken up a $42 million offer to fight Mike Tyson in the early 2000s.

Jones Jr., however, turned down the offer because he felt the money was too small.

He fought against Tyson in November 2020 in an exhibition bout.

Jones Jr. earned significantly less than $42 million.

Sportsbible estimates that he’ll earn $10 million, depending on how strong pay-per-view buys are. 

How Does Roy Jones Jr. Spend His Money?

Charity & Philanthropy

Roy Jones Jr. charity and Philanthropy exploits are not widely known. In the past, he has engaged in charity activities with the Police Athletic League. 

In 2020, he’ll fight in a charity exhibition bout against the former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson.


Roy Jones Jr. has a house in Venice Canals, Los Angeles.

The house was bought in 2016 for $2.65 million.

He also owns a house in an 80-acre estate in Pensacola, Florida.

Interesting Facts about Roy Jones, Jr.

The partial decision against Roy Jones Jr. in the 1988 Summer Olympics, where he was awarded silver despite clearly dominating his Korean opponent, led to the change of the Olympics’ boxing scoring system.

Before he turned Pro, Roy Jones Jr. had fought with professional boxers, including Sugar Ray Leonard.

Roy Jones Jr. owns a record label and has two albums to his name entitled  Round One: The Album and Body Head Bangerz: Volume One.

He is an actor and has played the role of Captain Ballard in the 2003 Blockbuster The Matrix Reloaded, which grossed $739.4 million globally.

He won multiple championships in four weight classes: middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight.

He owns a boxing promotions company named Square Ring Promotions.


Net Worth:$45 Million
Career Earnings:$55 Million
Date of Birth:January 16, 1969
Age:55 Years Old
Source of Wealth:Professional Boxer, Rapper, Actor
Last Update:2021

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Roy Jones Jr’s net worth at $45 million is impressive, and he has had a phenomenal career.

Although he had talents, he worked incredibly hard for the success he enjoyed in his career.

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