Super Bowl Rings Cost, Worth, History & Facts

Super Bowl Rings Cost, History & Facts
Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl LIV Ring. Jostens.

This article focuses on Super Bowl rings cost, worth, history, and interesting facts. You can also check out NFL Players with the most Super Bowl rings.

Super Bowl LIV winners, Kansas City Chiefs, earned the Vince Lombardi Trophy. 

Still, each individual of the subsequent winning team will be anticipating the Super Bowl rings as a treasurable souvenir to symbolize their Super Bowl success. 

As the winner is announced, the customized Super Bowl rings’ production process will begin. 

These Super Bowl rings are more than mere jewelry pieces, for they cost handsomely and represent a substantial deal in the Super Bowl’s history.

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History of Super Bowl Rings

Super Bowl rings’ history dates back to the first Super Bowl occurrence, Super Bowl I, where inaugural winners, Green Bay Packers, were awarded the single one-carat diamond ring. 

However, the tradition of championship rings traces to baseball in 1922, when the New York Giants won the 1922 World Series. 

Afterward, the AFL and NFL imbibed the tradition, awarding championship rings to the winning team members at the end of each season. 

When the two leagues were merged to become the NFL, the practice was retained and introduced to the league’s most significant event, the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, the AFC or NFC conference winners are still awarded championship rings. 

These Super Bowl rings’ designs have become progressively exquisite, featuring a one-carat diamond at the outset but comprising over 250 10.5-carat diamonds and 36 rubies at the last Super Bowl. 

Originally, Super Bowl rings primarily featured gold and diamond materials until 2010, when the Green Bay Packers opted for a platinum-based set of rings.

How Much is a Super Bowl Ring Cost & Worth?

The NFL usually deals with these rings’ costs, which are rewarded to the winning team’s listed players, coaches and executives. 

Super Bowl rings worth are valued at approximately $5 million per set, but the winning team’s fancied design influences the ultimate production cost. 

An approximated four-month period is calculated for the design, production, and distribution of the Super Bowl rings after the winner is announced. The team is comprehensively involved in the design phase.

Are Super Bowl Rings Sold to the Public?

The original Super Bowl rings awarded to the winning team members are not available to the public, but replicas for various years are available. Some of these rings may cost up to $5,000. 

However, some actual rings are sold or auctioned by their owners. An example is Dave Meggett, who had placed his ring for sale on eBay. 

In 2008, two actual Super Bowl rings awarded to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl II were sold on eBay for over $69,000 each.

What Company Makes the Super Bowl Rings?

Three companies have been involved in Super Bowl rings’ production, Jostens, Balfour, and Tiffany & Co. 

Jostens are the most notable of all, producing 36 of the 54 sets of Super Bowl rings awarded. They have manufactured all six sets of the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl rings.

Super Bowl Rings Fun Facts

The New England Patriots have the biggest set of rings ever created in Super Bowl history.

New England Patriots Super Bowl Rings
The New England Patriots Super Bowl Rings. Jostens.

William “The Refrigerator” Perry owns the biggest individual Super Bowl ring ever created, a size 25 band that necessitated several machines to construct. He was conferred as a member of the Chicago Bears team that won the Super Bowl XX in 1986.

The most expensive Super Bowl rings ever produced was the Super Bowl LI rings reportedly cost $39,000 each.

The most Super Bowl rings to be worn by an individual is eight, by Bill Belichick, who won six as the New England Patriots head coach and two as the New York Giants’ defensive coordinator.

Tom Flores is the first person to be awarded the Super Bowl ring as a player, assistant coach, and head coach. He received the ring as a player with the Kansas City Chiefs and as a coaching staff with Oakland Raiders.

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