Top-10 Best Boxing Brands For Clothing & Gear

Top-10 Best Boxing Brands For Clothing & Gear
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What are the best boxing brands out there? Check out our top collection for boxing gear and clothing.

Whether you are flushed with cash or on a low budget, these boxing equipment are a must and should be purchased because these gears determine your safety as you train.

When you step into the Gym with a bag containing all these things, it speaks of your preparedness and commitment to the art.

These essential boxing gears include a groin protector, mouthpiece, grappling shorts and rashguard, head guard, hand wrap, knee pad, and a boxing glove.

There are quite a lot of brands out there; this is why we have compiled this list to educate you on the ones that are quality, long-lasting, and at the same time, cost-effective.

You will find this article very enlightening and useful as you decide on one of these super cool boxing brands for boxing equipment.


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The Best Boxing Brands to Buy for Clothing & Gear


Everlast Boxing Brand

This American world-class renowned brand produces different gears needed for mixed martial art, clothing, accessories, and boxing. This company was founded by Jacob Golomb in New York City about a hundred and ten years ago.

Everlast manufactures a great number of gloves for all kinds of boxing and MMA sparring. They produce equipment such as athletic clothes, speed bags, sport-oriented nutrition products, heavy bags, footwear, and headgears.

Their most recent products include EverCool, EverFresh, and EverGel, which regulate body temperature, eliminate microbes, and support hands respectively.



Revgear has been in the industry since the year 2000, and they have made it a duty to produce and dispense their line of quality boxing and MMA training shorts, equipment, wraps, protective gears, gloves e.t.c.

If you are just beginning the art of boxing, you should seriously consider checking out Revgear. They offer so much quality at a reasonable cost to your budget.

Revgear also produces equipment used by gym houses and other martial arts like Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Karate, and Krav Maga.

Revgear Pro is also very renowned in the MMA because they sponsor fighters like Charles Oliveira and Tim Kennedy.


Hayabusa Boxing Equipment

They are famous for everything used in training for boxing and all MMA gears. Some of the fighters sponsored by this brand are: Rory MacDonald, Chapel Sonnen, and Roy Nelson

A certain code of Bushido that is famous among the Japanese says, each martial artist should make their armory and weapons with reverence and skillfulness unmatched by that of any other culture.

Hayabusa has continually employed this code in commitment to scientific evolution.

Therefore, Hayabusa makes quality equipment, clothing, and gears. They also make motorcycles and spacecraft in martial arts, their products vary from little foot grips to large, heavy bags.


RDX Sports

RDX is famous for its sporting apparel and you can expect to find some of the best boxing gear from this brand. This brand is inspired by their desire to endure discomfort while they push to the limits of possibility. 

From boxing gloves to punching bags and everything in between, whether you’re a 270-pound heavyweight boxer or a youth with a keen interest in boxing, RDX has got you covered.


Venum Combat Sports Fight Gear

Venum began in Brazil in 2010 and was initially famous for its sports shorts, but now, it is very popular in the U.S and most involved with a broad range of MMA and boxing equipment. 

Venum is also a sponsor of ten big-time pro wrestlers. They sponsor fighters such as Martin Kampmann, Lyoto Machida, Miesha Tate, Jim Miller, Carlos Condit, Mauricio Rua, Brad Pickett, Jose Aldo, and Fabricio Werdum.

Because they offer quality products, they are now among the top producers of MMA gear.


Century Martial Arts

Century for the past thirty-five years has been the world’s largest producer of martial art gears. They have been able to meet up with producing equipments for all kinds of martial artists.

Their products are very cost-effective and their service and loyalty to customers are really enchanting. They are renowned for their decent and valuable variety of martial art gears.

At Century you can access everything necessary for a beginner and a professional MMA or boxing fighter.

They also sponsor some martial art fighters such as Shane Roller and Johnny Hendricks.

Shock Doctor

Shock Doctor Protection & Performance Products

The Shock Doctor is famous for its mouth guard and other protective boxing and martial art gear.

As far back as twenty-two years ago, it was awarded the first mouthguard patent, and since then, it has continued to advance in the technological science of mouthguard production.

Presently, this brand not only sponsors outstanding athletes in the National football league but also has improved custom gel fitting with multi-layer technology in the less weighty and lower profile design.

The products from this brand are very affordable; you could even obtain a mouth guard for as low as $5. Shock Doctor is stepping up their game in the industry by making numerous MMA protective gear.

Bad Boy

BadBoy Brand of Mixed Martial Arts

Bad Boy is renowned for producing clothing, protective gear, and electrical equipment needed in boxing. They sponsor fighters like Alexander Gustafsson, Chris Weidman, and Demian Maia.

This brand began in California about two centuries ago. It specialized in producing clothes for skaters, surfers, and motocross riders. Ten years later, Bad Boy became famous in Jiu-Jitsu after they began sponsoring Rickson Gracie.

A century later, Bad Boy produced their first MMA short as Vale Tudo became more popular in Brazil. Following this, they have incorporated the production of diverse fighting and sparring equipment.


Tapout Boxing Equipment

Tapout was founded by Charles Mask Lewis Junior about twenty-three yeas ago. This brand sponsors fighters more than any other brand on this list.

They sponsor fighters like Donald Cerrone, Johnny Hendricks, Robbie Lawler, and Roy Nelson.

This brand is very famous in the history of the MMA because it was among the earliest brands to join the MMA. It specializes in producing very durable MMA Apparel.

Like affliction, tap out is very popular among MMA fans. They also sell other gears used in boxing.

Top King Boxing

Top King Boxing

Another boxing brands to choose from is Top King. Though their main focus mainly on Muay Thai fight gear,

Initially, the brand only made a special T-shirt that helped an athlete’s body to improve his performance by regulating temperature. This shirt kept the wearer dry and relatively calm throughout the period of training.

Unlike most brands on this list, Top King is not popular in boxing and other MMA sports, but they do have some really cool boxing and Muay Thai gear.

Final Words

There you have it, some of the best boxing brands to get you started on your journey to becoming a boxing champion.

Whether you’re going for the premium brands or working on a shoestring budget, everything you need to get started is right here.

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