10 Best MMA Shorts: MMA Fight Shorts Guide 2020

Best MMA Shorts- MMA Fight Shorts Guide
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Indeed, If you are still debating the relevance of classy and top-notch MMA shorts in your fighting gear, you must be new on the block. This is because the disadvantages of just opting for any regular gym short are numerous.

Please note that you really may not need MMA Shorts for training, but it wouldn’t be nice for your gym shorts to ‘hands down’ publicly, tear or hinder your vibes while you are trying to roll and kick during a sparring session.

Unlike regular gym shorts, MMA fight shorts are made of stretchy and motion enabling materials like neoprene, which compresses muscles and increases blood circulation throughout the body.

Some MMA shorts also have drawstrings and straps to hold them firmly on the athlete.

These are only a few reasons you should preferably get an MMA short even if you are yet to perform in the ring. 


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The Buyers Guide To MMA Fight Shorts

If you intend to buy a new pair of MMA short, it would be essential to find out the following:

1. Price

When you want to get a durable and comfortable MMA short, ensure you go for the more expensive ones. Please don’t freak out about the price… It is what you give you will get. A long-lasting and quality short will not cost more than 90 USD.

The least expensive shorts of about $20 have the least quality, and these will wear and tear more quickly. What do you think? Is it not better to purchase something that will stand the test of time?

2. Breathability

Nothing can be as bad as sweating profusely while you train. A breathable material lets air unhindered into your body and keeps you feeling dry.

Fabrics like cotton allow air through their fibers and this is what you need to enjoy your sparring. Lycra, on the contrary, is not breathable, although it has the advantage of wide range motion.

This is why any brand that uses Cotton and Lycra in places where appropriate would be the best to go for.

3. Design

The total design of MMA shorts is also a very important factor when buying MMA shorts. The way most MMA shorts are designed currently causes them to include: an internal drawstring, velcro straps, split seams, etc. for comfort and enhanced performance.

When getting an MMA short, an athlete should avoid shorts with metal zippers,  pockets, and the likes. So as not to predispose himself or his opponent to hurt. Just imagine attempting to kick your opponent, and your toes get caught in his pocket. Awkward right?

4. Comfort

It will be more sensible for an athlete to go for a short whose size and material fit him perfectly, this is so that he can perform as expected

5. Type of fabric

Beyond style and comfort, the material a short is made of guarantees functionality. And whether you believe it or not, this is the most important factor on this list.

Making an MMA short of Polyester is a great idea. Polyester is very long-lasting, allows free movement, doesn’t shrink when washed with a machine, and it dries up a sweat on the body.

A disadvantage to using polyester as sport fabric is that it makes the wearer uncomfortably hot. Like Polyester, Lycra is also not breathable.

Cotton is the most breathable of the three; therefore, you should preferably consider shorts made of cotton.

6. Resistance

This speaks of durability and should not be taken lightly when getting short.

7. Size

The last but not the least most important factor to consider is the athletes’ size. Depending on how large or small an athlete is, he should make his choice accurately.

How MMA Shorts are Classified

In contrast with the earlier years where MMA shorts were produced like biking shorts today, manufacturers have evolved to designing classy, stylish, and comfortable sporting shorts.

Some could be knee-long, and others could end at the thigh. Whichever one an athlete gets depends on his preference.

MMA shorts are categorized into the following groups:

1 The Board Style MMA Shorts

Broad style MMA shorts are the kind used by most athletes of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. These shorts are similar to those used in surfing, and they possess an inside drawstring, elastic waistband, and velcro strap. They are also mostly knee long.

2 The Vale Tudo Shorts

Vale Tudo shorts helps an athlete to move more quickly and thus eradicating friction. These shorts are very similar in design to regular compression shorts. The disadvantage of this brand, however, is that the shorts can be very revealing.

3 The Hybrid Shorts

These shorts ensure comfort, practicality, and unbeatable quality. Hybrid shorts combine the advantages of both the broad style and Vale Tudo brands.

The Best MMA Shorts To Buy Right Now

The following are ten of the best MMA fight shorts you can buy to aid your training, sparring sessions, grappling, or fight.

1. Fuji Baseline Grappling/Fight Shorts

Fuji Baseline Grappling/Fight Shorts

This very simple brand has products that come only in black. They not only have a protective drawstring band but are also very lightweight and breathable. The only drawback of this product is that they come in small sizes.

2. Gold BJJ MMA Shorts

Gold BJJ MMA Shorts

Originally designed for jiu-jitsu training, but the shorts we’re so good they could be used for almost anything. They are breathable, light-weighted, and possess a waistband that does not hug too deeply onto the skin.

The only drawback of this product is that, like the Fuji Baseline, they come in limited colors.

3. Hayabusa Chikara 4

Hayabusa Chikara 4 MMA Fight Shorts

This brand is not only one of the most famous gear producers in the MMA but also the producers of the most modest of MMA shorts. Their designs come in a variety of colors, durable fabrics, and numerous sizes.

The disadvantage of getting this brand is that the shorts are not very breathable. 

4. Venum Nogi 2.0 Fight Shorts

Venum Nogi 2.0 Fight Shorts

Venum is known for its impeccable fight gear and is one of the best in the business. This fight short gives you excellent freedom of movement for hard training sessions.

It has a Lycra crotch and an elastic waist providing comfort for your pelvis.

The disadvantage of this brand is that the shorts are often ‘too short.’

5. Anthem Athletic Resilience

Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Fight Short

Anthem Athletics is the only brand that comes in the most number of colors. It is light weighted and the side slits allow for full-motion with all kinds of martial arts.

This MMA shorts comes in 25 different shades and colors, so you could decide to wear a different color each time you hit the gym.

The stiff waistband is the only drawback of this design.

6. RDX MMA Shorts

RDX MMA Shorts

The RDX MMA shorts are very comfortable, this makes them perfect for the rigors of intense sparring sessions. They are easy to wash, light-weighted, and also have moisture-wicking properties.

RDX shorts are also very cheap, but the fact that their logo patch is odiously stiff in front of the short might be a drawback for some.

7. ROAR MMA Fight Shorts

ROAR MMA Fight Shorts

One of the very best MMA fighter shorts on this list. With its top-notch design and excellent choice of fabrics, in different striking colors.

They provide comfort, free motion, and quality all at the same time.

In the negative though, products of this brand run small.

8. DEFY Xtreme MMA Fight Shorts

DEFY Xtreme MMA Fight Short

This brand is functional, cost-effective, comfortable, stretchy, stylish, and protective. It is the perfect shorts for hard training sessions, you get to kick freely and grapple with ease.

The only drawback to this shorts is that the sizes run large.

9. Epic MMA Shorts

Epic MMA Shorts

Products from this brand are not only simple in their design but also very cheap, comfortable, and supports full range motion. The fact that the shorts are too lengthy is what happens to be a drawback here.

10. Bad Boy MMA Shorts

Bad Boy MMA Shorts

For those of us who followed the UFC in the early 2000s, where the stars of that time wore only the Bad Boy brand.

The perfect mix of polyester and cotton, this shorts gives you the freedom to kick and grapple as much as you want. It is very comfortable and comes in four different colors and sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do most MMA fight shorts have a Velcro waistband?

To enable the athlete to feel confident that no matter how much he rolls, kicks or bends, his shorts won’t come off. Velcro is super tight and will not fail to hold the short around your waist firmly.

2. Why can’t I just wear my regular shorts?

As mentioned in the introductory part of this article, regular shorts could fall down, tear, or even hinder your strike attempt.

3. Are MMA training shorts easy to wash?

Of course, they are. Whether the material is cotton, polyester, Lycra, e.t.c, they are easy to wash. Only ensure to dry them in places not exposed to direct sunlight.

4. What is the most important factor to consider when buying an MMA short?

All the factors discussed above are relevant. But, if we were to give an opinion, it would be motion.

This is because even if you had gotten a very stylish, comfortable, lightweight, and expensive short, should y nor train with it.

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