7 Best Bikini Brands & Athletic Bathing Suits

Best Bikini Brands & Athletic Bathing Suits

Looking for the best bikini brands for athletic bathing suits? You’re in the right place.

In the world of sport, clothing types mean a lot of things. For the viewers, it may be a means to recognize certain groups of athletes. But for the athlete, it is not just a means of recognition but is probably very critical to their success in the games.

This is why we shall be considering the best bikini brands that can guarantee an athlete’s success.

Exactly seventy-four years ago, the first brand of bikinis was put on sale in the United States, and truthfully speaking, from its initial design, the bikinis were not intended for ‘holy and religious’ purposes.

The designers got a mixed reaction from the public after the products were first displayed, but very gradually, the industry has improved with time. 

These swimwears are now available in different styles, such as the bi, micro, mono, and tankinis.

Although there are numerous benefits this clothing affords its wearers, we shall be considering them all in the light of sporting.

Unlike most regular females who wear bikinis once in a while to stay on the beach for a skin tan, a good proportion of female athletes depend on these athletic bikinis for their continuous victories.


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The Best Bikini Brands & Bathing Suits for Athletes

1. Reebok

Reebok Womens Seamless Hipster Panties 5-Pack – Best Athletic Bikini Brand

Reebok Women’s Seamless Hipster Panties 5-Pack

Statisticians say this stylish American brand comes first on the list of swimwear to be reckoned with. It is the most popular brand in the industry, which is why every American female knows of it.

Although Reebok is an American brand, it receives patronage from numerous customers scattered all over the world. And why shouldn’t it?

Even though this brand has been in existence since 1980, it has grown with the changes in time and always surpassed each generation’s expectations.

This is why each year, their customers, both old and young, eagerly await the unveiling of their latest collections. Needless to say, but this brand is an American household name for impeccable quality and shimmering style.

It is also entirely just as evident that so much work and creative effort is put into the designs that come off this brand. Not only are the base materials comfortable, superb quality, and breathable, but they also do not fade.

It is just the athletic bikini brand that any athlete needs as they dive, stride, jump, run, or swim along the track or water, respectively.

Therefore, even if the piece is expensive, which happens to be the only drawback for an enjoyable sporting time, every female athlete should go for this brand.

2. Shekini

SHEKINI Womens Bathing Suits Push Up Halter Bandage Bikini Floral Printing Swim Bottoms Two Piece Swimsuits

SHEKINI Women’s Bathing Suits Push Up Halter Bandage Bikini Floral Printing Swim Bottoms Two-Piece Swimsuits

This athletic bikini brand takes second place on this list. Even though it just came into existence in 2005, it has become very famous for its creativity.

Their designs are ‘powerful enough’ to make any inclined fashion female spend above her shopping budget. 

The success and fame this brand has realized within this short period of its existence tell of the loyalty and love of its customers. Some famous models and actresses also patronize Shekini.

If you are an athlete, you do not need to worry about your size, shape, taste, or class; Shekini has got you covered. They have a wide range of options to meet the uniqueness of each female.

So, if you like open bikinis, monokinis, strap or strapless, lace bikinis, colorful or plain….whatever is your preference, Shekini has ‘enough room for you.’

Reviews show that many girls prefer this brand because the fabric is long-lasting, doesn’t fade, and their prize per piece is much more budget-friendly.

3. Adidas

Adidas Women Bikini Beachwear Swimming Beach 3-Stripes Swimwear

Adidas Women Bikini Beachwear Swimming Beach 3-Stripes Swimwear

This German company, which is now very popular in many countries globally, comes third on the list.

This brand’s overwhelming success is due to a combination of the efforts from both its relentless and creative team of fashion designers and a very enticing pricing policy. That makes the designs from this brand affordable to women of all income levels.

Their ever-expanding array consists of split, monokinis, and tankinis. Also worthy of note is that the fabrics are breathable and stretchy, enabling relief and ease in both air and water.

This is the reason why it is suitable for athletic activities. it would not limit movement nor tear when overly stretched.

Also, a typical Adidas bikini is made through high technological means to ensure a classy and impressive style. The colors, too, are rich, bright, and just perfect.

These are only some of the reasons why products of this athletic bikini brand are in high demand.

4. Nike

Nike Women's 2-Piece Swimsuit

Nike Women’s 2-Piece Swimsuit

Coming fourth place in this rating is the world-famous Nike company. This American brand has long become a symbol of unbeatable quality and practicality.

This brand is also most synonymous with athletics. Hence we can name it ‘ the athletic bikini brand.’

One of Nike’s most interesting facts is that its technicians and designers do not only pay attention to the feasibility of their product but also make sure their designs are trendy according to contemporary times. 

The main component of the material used by this brand is Nylon. It is about eighty-five percent of the fabric.

Therefore, it offers its users the following advantages: it is easily worn because nylon is stretchy, holds the wearer firmly, making it impossible for it to interfere with the motion of its wearer, chlorine and UV ray resistant.

Regularly, they access the quality of their products through consistent lab tests and reviews from customers.

Annually, this award-winning brand ejects new models of comfortable swimsuits into the market.

In contrast, the old models that have already gained affection from customers are remodeled and upgraded to foster and gain more public patronage.

5. Speedo

Speedo Women's Swimsuit Top Bikini Endurance Lite Fast Turnz

Speedo Women’s Swimsuit Top Bikini Endurance Lite Fast Turnz

This British company has been producing quality and stylish swimwear and accessories for more than ten decades, making this brand the oldest and most formidable in the industry.

Most probably because Speedo has been around for the longest period of time, many female athletes buy its products. 

Also, like the Nike brand, Speedo is chlorine resistant. That means that no matter how often the designs are worn for swim practice and during actual swimming competitions, the chlorine in the pool would be unable to change the color or weaken the fabric.

An added advantage is that the designs are crafted to suit the body shape of its wearers concisely. Therefore, abolishing the possibility of its interference with the movement of its wearer.

There are many designs on sale from this brand too. Therefore, it is at the discretion of the athlete to choose what she prefers from the wide variety of options available at these athletic bikini brands.

6. Arena

Arena Women's Glitch MaxLife Tie Back Top

Arena Women’s Glitch MaxLife Tie Back Top

The sixth athletic bikini brand on our list is the renowned German swimsuit company. Arena has been around for about forty-seven years, and their products are not limited to just a swimsuit.

They also make swimming accessories like goggles, caps, nose clips, and gloves.

The fabric they use for production is of superb quality and highly impermeable to chlorine. Customers of this brand have also testified that their swimsuits do not fade but maintain their original color.

The variants available for this brand include swim wears for children, different sizes and colors for athletes, and classy and sassy designs for fun and outings.

It is also of importance to note that Arena is among the affordable athletic bikini brands.

7. Under Armour

Under Armour Women's Pure Stretch Sheers Bikini

Under Armour Women’s Pure Stretch Sheers Bikini

This American athletic bikini brand has been operating since 1996.

Because their products speak of creative style and quality, they have huge patronage, mostly from young athletes—their matured monophonic colored designs factor in older women who have a love for athletic activities.

Not only is the quality of the base fabric used by this brand of high quality, but the designs on sale are easily affordable, making it one of the fastest-selling athletic bikini brands.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of the best bikini brands to choose from.

Whether you’re the type who enjoys beach games or the type who just wants to relax and enjoy the sound of the ocean, these bikini brands have got you covered.

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