Top-7 Best Tennis Ball Machines To Buy In 2020

Top Best Tennis Ball Machines To Buy

What are the best tennis ball machines in the market?

It’s very commendable if you’re looking for one. It shows just how much desire you have to improve your tennis game.

In this article, aside from many other things, we shall take you through a list of the top seven best tennis ball machines.

We are very sure by the time you get to the concluding paragraph; you would have been sufficiently armed with accurate and up-to-date information to enable you to make a realistic choice. 

Before we touch down on the top seven best Tennis Ball Machines to buy in 2020, we would like to clarify a few blurred areas you may have.

Who Needs a Tennis Ball Machine?

The tennis ball machines are a must for every tennis ballplayer who desires to become better at his game. Irrespective of age, sex, and years of training, these machines would benefit you during training sessions.

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Do I Really Need to Buy a Tennis Ball Machine?

We are quite sure this is the topmost question on your mind, but as you will soon see, the advantages of acquiring a tennis ball machine greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

When you purchase and train with a tennis ball machine, you do not necessarily need a physical training partner. The machine perfectly mimics a training partner, and eventually, when you get to play with a real-life partner, you will be fully prepared to overcome him.

Another reason why you should purchase a tennis ball machine is that unlike people, who may not show up to practice with you for one reason or the other, the machine is always ready to help you train. It’s synonymous with speaking about a dedicated, loyal, and always available training mate.

Straightaway, we shall move on now into the main subject of discussion.

The Best Tennis Ball Machines Available Right Now

1. Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine With Phone Remote Supported

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine With Phone Remote Supported

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine is unique in a lot of ways. This one of a kind designed machine has full court oscillation target, a long-lasting battery, and a mobile phone controlled app.

Unlike most other golf training machines on this review list, this machine can be of help in your golf training by assisting you in returning spinning shots. And we are sure you also agree with us that spinning shots are the most difficult to return.

The spin shot player tennis ball machine is larger than any other on this list. Its ball speed is very practical, and it can take up to a hundred and twenty golf balls.

With all these many advantages there are also some disadvantages in getting this machine, and they are: it is tasking to arrange the 120 golf balls in the machine, and it controls are situated on the lower half of a side of the machine making it quite difficult for it to be programmed.

2. Spinshot Plus 2 Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Plus 2 Tennis Ball Machine

Yes, another portable tennis ball machine from Spinshot. Spinshot products take several spots on our list because they have gradually become one of the leading producers of some of the best tennis ball machines in the world.

This machine is a very brilliant tennis training partner. This machine will be useful in helping both beginners and pros sharpen their skills.

This machine lacks digital technology on its control system. It instead has toggle switches and dial controls. These have much greater failure rates due to the fact that they are unprotected from weather conditions.

3. Spinshot-Pro Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot-Pro Tennis Ball Machine

Spin shot pro tennis ball machine is also a product of the renowned spin shot company. 

Although it lacks digital control, it is still very remarkable in the following ways: It is very affordable, it can spin shots when necessary, has a battery that lasts for two hours, is portable, and has a full-court oscillation.

This machine can also send shots from side to side, helping you work on your lateral movements. We already mentioned this machine has no digital technology. It only has dials and toggle switches.

4. Siboasi S4015

The S4015 is Siboasi's best tennis ball machine yet. It has so many programmed functions; it might just be the perfect substitute for a training partner. Some of these functions include "Light ball training," Deep ball training, backspin, topspin, variations in ball speeds, and almost everything you need for a full training session.

The S4015 is Siboasi’s best tennis ball machine yet. It has so many programmed functions; it might just be the perfect substitute for a training partner. Some of these functions include “Light ball training,” Deep ball training, backspin, topspin, variations in ball speeds, and almost everything you need for a full training session.

It has a ball capacity of 180 and a powerful internal battery that lasts up to 7 hours, which is more than enough for two intense training sessions. It comes with a fully functional remote, so you should have no problem training on your own. 

 It weighs 64 pounds, which is almost double the weight of other tennis ball machines, but its large towing wheels and extended handle supports its weight perfectly, and you get to move it with ease. 

Though it might be a bit pricey, with all its excellent advanced features, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

5. Sports Tutor Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Sports Tutor Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

At first glance, this machine may look rather bulky. But just as the name implies, it ticks all the right boxes of a portable tennis ball machine. Among its many incredible features are a pair of towing wheels and a handle to help you move the machine to wherever you want it.

You won’t find any fancy touch-screen interface with Wilson’s Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine. The company deployed a straightforward and sturdy design, with all the knobs and buttons placed in such a way that even a child will find it easy to adjust the speed and change the ball trajectory.

With a maximum ball capacity of 110, which is relatively small when compared to the capacity of other machines on this list

6. Tennis Tutor Plus

Tennis Tutor Plus

The Tennis Tutor Plus is another remarkable and portable tennis ball machine. This sturdy looking machine was built to withstand harsh weather conditions and it is also quite budget-friendly. 

Another perk of getting this machine is that not minding that it has a ball capacity of a hundred and fifty, it still refills quickly.

Some of its other enchanting capabilities include; a wide range of differing shot types you can choose from, Lexan enclosed control panel  different preprogrammed drills, optional remote control, and the ability to shoot a tennis ball in any direction

What appears to be a drawback with this machine is that although the controls can be easily understood and operated, this machine seems to be better suited for the class of ‘the good and the best’ tennis ballplayers.

7. Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

This is one of the best tennis ball machines on the planet. It has a large ball capacity (150 balls) with large tow wheels and weighs about 30 pounds, so you should have no problem moving it around. 

What really makes the Elite Liberty tennis ball machine from Lobster Sports special is the ball speed control feature. It gives its user the option to choose and change the ball speed from as low as 20mph to a maximum speed of 80mph.

The ball spin feature can also be set to simulate the backspin and topspin at several advanced levels.

These advanced features make it the perfect machine for all types of players, from the professional players to the rookie, who is just picking up a racket for the first time, even the little ones. 

Some Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Tennis Ball Machine

1. Durability

It is best to go for machines that are made out of strong and long-lasting materials because the machine will undoubtedly be exposed to dust, wind, mist, and other unfavorable weather conditions.

Getting a pretty durable machine will save you the cost of buying again in the near future. With proper care and maintenance, some tennis ball machines could last long enough to be inherited by your ‘grandkids’.

2. Height Variation

An opposing player can decide to shot the ball at you from differing heights. He may either shot the ball very high or very low. This is why you will need a machine that can shot at varying height. This will significantly aid your training.

3. Remote Control Capability

You will need a machine that makes provision for remote control because the tennis ball machine will be situated quite far from you.

It wouldn’t be wise for you to run back and forth the entire court just to regulate and reset the machine. It would therefore be vital for you to go for a remote-controlled machine.

4. Portability

A Tennis Ball machine you would purchase should be reasonably portable because you will have to move the machine on and off your training court.

These machines usually possess large mechanical parts and batteries  making them unavoidably weighty. This is why you should go for the types of tennis ball machines that have wheels to facilitate ease of movement.

5. Full Court Oscillation

When you have a tennis ball machine that can shoot the ball randomly to every area within the tennis court, it will not only help you work on your footwork and positioning but would also come in handy to help you practice your shot. 

6. Cost

Before purchasing any machine, it is essential to know how much it cost, and more often than not, the more expensive a tennis ball machine is, the more quality it has. You may also find some inexpensive ones that are exceptionally durable if you spare some more time and patience to check.  

7. Warranty

A tennis ball machine is expensive and will cost your wallet significantly, this is why you ought to get a sort of assurance that you are not just throwing away your money for a piece of junk wrapped in the name of a tennis ball machine. 

A long-lasting machine will save you the stress of buying again.

8. Variable Shot Selection

You need a machine that will shoot the ball in different ways and directions. This is because, in reality your opponent will not always hit a ball at you the same way. 

Thus, if you purchase a machine that can shot the ball at you in different ways like a real opponent would, the more practical and realistic your training will become

9. Speed Variation

Most players would vary, not just the height but also the speed of their shots, causing their opponents to become overwhelmed and play amiss. Therefore a machine that can vary the speed of shots would be a very valuable training partner. 

10. Spin

Like we already mentioned, a spinning shot is the most difficult to return, and if you want to get better at playing tennis ball, then you must practice returning a spinning shot even more.

This is why buying a machine that can spin the ball is an added advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I really prioritize getting a tennis ball machine that can spin?

The sooner you believe that it is really important to get a machine than can spin, the better for you. The significant percentage of opponents you would play with will employ all their skills, spinning the ball inclusive—all in  an attempt to win more points over you.

This is the reason why you should get a machine that can mimic this inevitable situation to strengthen your skills, improve your stamina, footwork, and positioning.

2. Would the tennis ball machine help my playing skills?

Aside from practicing with an actual opponent, the tennis ball machine is certainly another good way to train realistically. It is safe for training, but it is also a great way to improve your in court movement.

It also has specialized features that enable an athlete to learn how to return shots, and improve they’re on court dimension positioning.

3. How can a beginner use the tennis ball machine effectively?

For a beginner, it would be easier if you could stuck with a team. However, to get the best out of the machine, you would need to reset the machine to any training pattern you desire to begin with. 

Maybe, you would want to start with learning how to return shots. For this you need to set the spin rates, speed, shot location and shot heights.

4. How does the tennis ball machines work?

These machines work on electricity, and they have to be recharged over and over continuously.

Thereafter, you would have to set the controls for shot oscillation, shot speed, and shot heights. 

Finally, you can turn on your machine and begin practicing to your heart’s content.

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