Best Golf Balls For Average & Pro Golfers 2020

Best Golf Balls For Average & Pro Golfers

What are the best golf balls to buy right now?

A lot of amateurs prefer to buy the cheapest golf balls in the market.

However, they fail to realize that some of these golf balls have some defects in their making and will not help you improve your game. This ultimately makes this statement more valid “perfection doesn’t come cheaply.”

You may put in all the effort, train consistently, and perform all the fundamental lessons of golf. But if your golf ball is faulty, you may be frustrated by not hitting the ball into the hole.

Here in this article, we have put together the top-10 best golf balls in 2020 for both average and Professional golfers. 

Components of a Golf Ball

A golf ball is a small round sphere with a minimum diameter of 42.67mm and a maximum weight of 45.67grams.

Also, the materials are made from rubber, which makes it more elastic.

The outer layer of the plastic surface has small dimples to give stability in the air.

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The Best Golf Balls To Buy Right Now

2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball


  • Callaway Supersoft is perfect for long-range shots. 
  • The outer cover has a soft feel.
  • Durability is the symbol of Callaway Chrome Supersoft. 
  • It is also very affordable.


  • Some golfers have complained about its softness. Feels too soft on older putters with inserts.

The rate of compression for a Callaway golf ball is 38, making it the lowest golf ball available in the market. You may be wondering why the compression rating is low?

A low compression rating enables the golf ball to move very fast and increases the golfer’s precision.

For average golfers, the construction of ductile trigonometry cover maintains a low spin rate, giving you better control and improved golf club handling.

For professionals, the Callaway supersoft is the best for long shots on target.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Men's Golf Balls


  • Srixon Soft Feel is made with quality materials 
  • It is very Affordable 
  • It is durable and long-lasting 
  • The landing of this ball is perfect for a long hit. 
  • The cover of Srixon is Soft 


  • Some users complain that the ball takes way too long to stop especially when hit hard

The Srixon Soft Feel is one of the most used golf balls globally by average and professional golfers. Most golfers like it because of its soft feel and exceptional quality.

It has a compression rating of 60, hence the reason for its soft feel, and the outer cover has about 334 dimples designed to eliminate sloppiness and increase stability when you hit the ball hard.

This makes it one of the best golf balls for average and beginner golfers to improve their precision skills. 

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball


  • Its material is made of quality design.
  • The perfect golf ball for long-range shots.
  • It is durable.


  • It is too soft and not ideal for iron golf clubs.

For most golfers, Wilson Staff is the softest golf balls to buy. That makes them one of the best golf balls for long-distance shots — the Wilson Staff can really go the distance.

It comes in a 12 ball pack, so you get to have a sufficient number of shots before having to retrieve all the pellets.

They are made in two layers, and it seems to be the favorite of most professional golfers.

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls also have a compression of 29. It has a white design, a rubber core that favors low compression, and a design for a more fantastic spin, elasticity, and speed, using medium or short irons.

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls


  • It is very soft and compact.
  • This golf ball is perfect for short games.
  • Good landing for high hits.


  • Beginners and some average golfers find it hard to use this golf ball.

Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls are an excellent option for professional golfers thanks to their smooth feel and outstanding performance. T

these balls stand out for covering the right amount of distance with each hit and perform excellently in the short game.

Although it is not the most accurate ball, the soft and fast core gives you a maximum distance from drivers and plates.

Professional golfers may vary significantly in every aspect of the game, from swing speed to club preference, but Velocity balls will work for almost any game. 

Srixon Z-Star 6 Golf Balls

Srixon Z-Star 6 Golf Balls


  • One of the best golf balls on Amazon.
  • It is soft, and its design is perfect.
  • This golf ball is excellent air resistance. 


  • The price is a little on the high side.

Its super-reactive core maximizes the transfer of energy between the clubhead and the ball, giving the ball an effect that will make you feel very comfortable.

Besides, its dimples’ symmetrical and aerodynamic design will increase lift while reducing the air resistance.

Mizuno RB Tour and Tour X Golf Balls

Mizuno RB Tour and Tour X Golf Balls


  • The balls have an ideal weight and design. 
  • The ball is very soft to the touch, and above all, it will help you win your matches on the field. 


  • Very few marketers and buyers know about this golf ball brand.

Mizuno really did their homework with the design of this ball with details to the maximum, and it shows when it comes to hitting it.

With this model, you will not only get excellent results when fighting against the wind to get the right trajectory. You will also get outstanding results in the descent of the ball.

Thanks to its design, the ball will descend more professionally and allow you to cover greater distances with just one hit.

Bridgestone 2020 Tour B X5 Golf Balls

Bridgestone 2020 Tour B X5 Golf Balls


  • 1. Perfect golf ball for beginner and average golfer 
  • The texture of the surface is smooth to ease better rolling 
  • It’s the perfect air resistant golf ball. 


  • Some golfers say that it’s got more spin than advertised

The Bridgestone Tour B X5 golf balls are designed to have a low spin rate, which gives you better precision. It also has great air resistance, which makes it an excellent pellet for power shots and maximum distance.

Most users highlight the versatility of its dimples that allow straight hits.

It is a perfect golf ball for a rookie who seeks to master different skills. 

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls


  • Made from high-quality materials 
  • This golf ball is very durable 
  • It has a soft feel


  • It is a little expensive

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls are designed to have a 5-layer dual-spin cover that is made from resistant materials.

These balls will enhance your performance by providing you with a better combination of distance, spin, and control.

Taking into account the material of which the golf ball is made, you can expect nothing less than excellent performance and solidity.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls


  • Soft and perfect in the air 
  • Better ball control for short game
  • Perfect Ball for hard hitters and long-distance shots


  • It is a little expensive

If you have been a golfer for more than six months then Titleist Pro V1 and V1X need no introduction. Since the first versions were unveiled in 2014, it has become the favorite ball for both professionals and amateurs alike.

They made some modifications to the latest version that has increased its performance in both short and long games.

Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls

Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls


  • It has great air resistance.
  • Soft feel for higher performance
  • Perfect golf ball for beginner and average golfer 


  • You might have an issue with the spin rate

The E6 might be one of Bridgestone’s older models, but it’s still one of the best golf balls to use.

With the 2019 E6 model, what you give is what you get. It was designed to move in a straight line for better precision and performance.

It’s a great ball to help you improve your long and short game.

People Also Ask

What Golf Balls do the Pros Use in 2020?

The best golf balls used by top professional golfers are Titleist Pro V1X Golf Balls. The quality of this ball can not be questioned in any way.

Titleist Pro V1X Golf Golf Balls have evolved to be one of the best due to its immersed development.

More importantly, its quality is endorsed and assured by significant sports figures.

What is the Best Golf Ball for the Average Golfer?

The Snell MTB Black Golf Ball is the best golf ball for an average golfer due to its zero-compression core wrapped in an incredibly soft trionomer cover. It has a low compression rating.

Its softness allows an average golfer to swiftly swing the golf club and still enjoy the golf’s responsiveness around the greens. 

What is the Best Cheap Golf Ball?

Wilson Staff Golf Balls are not only a quality golf ball, but also it is very inexpensive in the market. With this golf ball, you can still generate excellent clubhead speed and high precision.

While Wilson Staff Golf Balls may be cheap, it performs excellently on the green due to its bouncing gradient core.

What are the Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers?

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls are the number one golf ball for high handicappers. This golf ball stands out to be the best also when you are taking a long-distance shot.

This golf ball’s quality design enables it to move with high air velocity and ensure high flight stability that the wind can not resist. 

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