Top-10 Best MMA Brands for Clothing & Gear

Top-10 Best MMA Brands for Clothing & Gear

What are the best MMA brands out there? Check out our top picks for fight gear and clothing.

Just imagine that you owned any of the top business which ran the U.S economy in the mid 90’s when the Mixed Martial Arts began. We are pretty sure you would not at all have considered investing in the MMA. 

The simple reason why you would do this is that, either you wouldn’t have reasoned it out as a profitable venture at the time or you wouldn’t think it even had the potential to become profitable in the near future.

Today, however, if an investor ‘ knows his onion ‘ and does all his investigations properly, he is most likely to make a fortune off meeting the needs in the MMA industry.

This is because MMA is very popular now than it has ever been, with thousands of fans and athletes streaming in daily. This has ensured that there are needs to be met in the industry always.

The needs in this industry range from gears to equipment, clothing, the right food for athletes e.t.c

All these have created enough room for any intending investor to earn profitably provided, he meets up with the benchmark of quality

This article shall be taking you through a list of the coolest top 10 brands you can consult for any and every MMA clothing and gear.

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The Best MMA Brands for Fight Gear & Clothing


Everlast Clothing & Gear for MMA

Everlast has been an outstanding fight brand for the best part of a century. This brand focuses primarily on manufacturing decent quality, motion enabling, loose fit shorts for judo, training, grappling, wrestling, MMA, and other combat-related sports.

Some pro’s you should consider: Although this brand could never compete with Affliction nor TapouT, they are quality enough to suit the needs of any committed MMA fan.

Ringside / Combat Sports

Ringside has been producing combat gear under the name Combat Sports for some years now, producing fight dummies, punching bags MMA and boxing gloves, Shinguards, and everything you need to kickstart your career in the UFC.

They make their fight gear a lot similar to those made by bigger brands like Everlast. The difference is unlike Everlast, their prices are more budget-friendly.


RDX Sports – MMA Fight Gear

RDX has grown into a leading brand producing all kinds of fight gear and sports apparels.

With a worldwide customer base of over 200 million and more than 10000 employees you know you’re dealing with one of the best MMA brands out there

They make quality products which reflect the American culture. Their excellent line of T-shirts, shorts and fight is something to behold.

Elite Sports

Details: This brand is geared towards every MMA sports and makes genuinely impressive and ever-evolving clothing and accessories. Their designs are patterned after the similitude of their intended wearers.

The brand speaks of doggedness, courage, persistence, respect, and strength. Some Pros you should consider: They not only make a variety of MMA Tshirt, shorts, and gears, but they also produce compression pants.

Also, because of athletes like Brandon Vera and Wanderlei Silva, this brand makes very stylish clothing with a ‘teaspoon of Brazilian flavor.’


Reebok needs no introduction, since they also produce some of the best sports apparel to rival Giants like Adidas and Nike. From fight shorts to some really classy MMA shirts.

Initially, they only made clothes for rockers, skaters, and surfers, but immediately they noticed the growth the MMA was making, they swooped in and began making excellent T–shirts.

Their athletes include big names like GSP, Diego Sanchez, Bruce Buffer, and Anderson Silvato mention but a few.

Dethrone Royalty

Dethrone Royalty brand was established about eight years ago, to be precise, in 2009. They sponsor some of the top world-recognized Boxing champions and MMA fighters. 

This brand is very famous among teenagers, and we can bet your teen would love you for getting him a design from this brand.

Evidence of this brand’s viability is that Cain Velasquez, a poster boy for the brand, recently became a champion of the UFC heavyweight competition. 


Tapout MMA Apparel

Tapout has existed since twenty-three years ago. It was founded by a collaboration of some past top-ranking MMA athletes: Tim Katz, the late Charles Lewis Junior, and Dan Caldwell.

This brand is undoubtedly one of the most quality brands manufacturing gears and articles of clothing for the MMA. 

Although, when the company started, they sold their few designs from vehicles. But after they formed a strong association with the UFC and grew geometrically, they now offer their products for sale on the internet and off the net in over twenty thousand shops. Can you possibly beat that?

Not only are they the yardstick by which quality is measured in the industry, but their products are relatively inexpensive.

Form Athletics

Form Athletics was established ten years ago by WEC legend Uriah Faber. Products from this brand are known for their presentable and aesthetically appealing style, superb fabric quality, a wide range of movement, and a look that seems to say, ‘ who is your daddy?’   

Their products are simply stylish, and you should consider getting your MMA gears and clothing from them if you want a more dramatic entrance into any MMA event.


This brand initially began as a T-shirt producer but eventually ‘ relocated’ into the MMA by making signature shirts for legendary fighters like Rampage Jackson, GSP, and Randy Couture. 

Very recently, to meet up with a broader class of customers, Affliction has diversified into the production of other regular clothing. However, it is doubtful that Affliction will ever completely abandon their roots and the source of their fame.

Affliction Clothing has met the desires of customers recurrently with their stylish and creative combination of fabric, fit, finishing, and quality. 

This is the reason why the majority of high ranking athletes, heavyweight champions, and fashion inclined athletes stick with the brand.

Some pro’s you should consider:  The brand makes unbeatably quality designs. These babies are very well fitted and can adapt to your body’s build perfectly. 


RVCA is a brand whose designs are sold on the shelves of local stores.  They have also become one of the top MMA brands to consider. With renowned fighters like Vitor Belfort, BJ Penn, and Fedor supports their simple designs.

Some pro’s you should consider:  The designs from this brand are unbelievably cheap.

Final Words

There you have it, some of the best MMA brands for your fight gear and apparel. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these brands should be your go-to for fight equipment.

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