Top-10 Best MMA Shin Guards (2020 Review)

Top 10 Best MMA Shin Guards Review

What are the best MMA shin guards to buy in 2020?

Whether you are a seasoned MMA fighter or a beginner, you must already know that one hazard of the art is that you could get seriously injured if you fail to gird yourself with protective gear. 

You may be into Muay Thai, Judo, Kickboxing e.t.c, but whichever art it is, you definitely need to protect yourself and your training partner while sparring or kicking.

This is because carelessness or negligence could be fatal. Pros and amateurs in the MMA should choose wisely when purchasing their protective gear.

In this article, we shall take you through a list of the ten best MMA Shinguards. We can guarantee you that any of these guards you decide to opt for will be able to offer your shin bone the much-required protection.

But, before we delve into the best shin guard brands, we would like to mention a few things you should consider before choosing a brand to settle for.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Shin Guard

1. Comfort & Protection

The more weight a shin guard has, the more protective it tends to be. It is also true that the more weight a shin guard possesses, the more uncomfortable it becomes. 

The guard only comes in three varying sizes: small, medium, and large sizes. The length also could be too long or too short, either getting in the way of your movement or not offering your legs enough protection.

Therefore, it would be a wise decision for you to chose a shin guard that has found a balance between comfort and protection.

2. Shin Guard Material

These guards are made of different types of materials. The most popular are those made of leather, synthetic leather, and sock sleeved material.

The guards made of leather are the most durable but also the most expensive. 

Those made of synthetic leather and the stock sleeved type are not as durable as the leather guard. The advantage here, however, is the fact that these are cheap and can fit nicely into your budget.

3. Cost & Quality

If you have a low budget you want to keep up with, some cost-effective guards can meet your immediate needs, and after that, you may become a monthly caller at the gear shop. A classic case of being penny wise and pound foolish, right?

The simple truth, however, is that the MMA training ‘perimeter’ is no place for cheap gears, shin guards inclusive.

Quality gears are expensive; hence, plan and work towards getting something quality that will make your training an incredible and less pain-filled experience. You do not want a cheap shin guard that will need to pause the flow and realign after each kick.

Moving straight on to the meat of the matter, the brands to reckon with as far as shin guards are concerned include:

The Best MMA Shin Guards To Buy Right Now

1. Venum Challenger Shin Wear

Venum Challenger Shinguards


  • They come in about six different striking colors.
  • They are manufactured with high-density foam that offers extra padding for shock absorption.


  • These guards are quite expensive and may not suit a low budget plan.

Venum has been a leading brand in the world of fight gear for a long time. Their shin-guards are not only fashionable; their designs are top-notch. This superb design allows the wearer an amazing range of movement.

2. RDX Shin Guards

RDX Shin Guards


  • These shin guards are very cost-effective and budget-friendly.
  • RDX guards are made of double padding and light-weighted.
  • The guards have a solid outer nylon cover.
  • This guard has Max shock foam and Shock gel to ensures it absorbs shock.
  • They are cheap.


  • They are not durable

When it comes to fight gear, RDX really holds their own. Like most of their products these shin guards are some of the best in the market.

What really makes this product stand out is its Dri-Fit foam technology that helps to keep your legs dry and fresh, keeping the inevitable odor that is usual with other foam related fight gear like gloves.

3. Fairtex Neoprene Shin Guards

Fairtex Neoprene Shin Guards


  • Light-weighted and can be used for training, sparring, and within the ring fights.
  • Loop cover over the elastic band, making them secure and fit.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Made of superb quality and have dual padding.
  • Very comfortable and provide excellent protection for the shin of athletes.
  • Designed by hand in Thailand, meaning utmost care was taken to put it together.
  • They are not very comfortable.

Fairtex is also an excellent brand for MMA training gear. The quality of their products are very durable, and since most of their products are engineered towards the Muay Thai arts, you can rest assured that these shin guards are bound to last a long while.

4. Sanabul Essential Hybrid Shin Guard

Sanabul Essential Hybrid Shin Guards


  • Relatively inexpensive, making it very wallet-friendly.
  • Has a neoprene mid and top leg faster, making it firm on the legs. 
  • Even with its extra padding, this guard is light weighted.
  • About six different colors.
  • Reinforced high impact foam.


  • They don’t last long.

When looking for fight gear that is of good quality on a tight budget, then Sanabul Essentials is your go-to brand. Like most of their products, these shin guards are cheap, and you would definitely be getting your money’s worth.

5. Top King Shin Guard

Top King Shin Guards


  • Top King shin guard comes in seven different colors.
  • They have hook closure to guarantee comfort and fitting.
  • Very lightweight


  • This quality shin guards don’t come cheap

Top king guards another quality product made in Thailand. These top-notch shin guards were produced to offer extra protection to the kneecap and leg muscles.

6. Venum Elite Shin Guard

Venum Elite Shin Guard


  • Venum elite comes in more than ten different colors.
  • This guard is made of skin tex leather.
  • It is very durable


  • The price is on the high side

This guard was initially made for the pro-MMA athletes who needed superior fighting enhancers. It ensures full protection and easy movement for powerful strikes.

7. Fairtex Competition

Fairtex Competition


  • About four different colors and allow a full range of mobility
  • Great comfort and are very durable
  • Made of synthetic leather
  • High-density form within and are excellent shock absorbers.


  • They can seem uncomfortable at first.

This product was fashioned to remove rough edges; it is very suitable for training and sparring. They are handmade from Thailand and of very high quality.

8. Hayabusa T3 Shin Guards

Hayabusa T3 Shin Guard


  • Remain firmly on the legs by their silicon grip and hook strap
  • Available in six different colors
  • Flexible and ensures the unhampered movement.
  • Unarguably long-lasting


  • They come at a considerable cost to your wallet.

These designs ensure comfort, better performance, harder strikes, and an awesome design. Their crafting is unbeatable. To keep the usual odors that come from repeated use away, they added an anti-microbial layer.

9. Twins Special SGL10 MMA Shin Guards

Twins Special SGL10


  • Covers the shin and foot totally.
  • Though made of high-density impact foam, it is also incredibly light weighted.
  • Entirely made of cowhide leather.
  • A layer of gel that helps to absorb shock.
  • Straps to hold it firmly on your foot.


  • These Shinguards are not cheap

If you’re familiar with Twins Special’s SGL2 and SGL3 models, then you’re going to love this particular set of MMA Shin Guards.

They are super light and are definitely among the best MMA shin guards in the market. The best part is that they come in different sizes

10. Venum Predator Shin Guards

Venum Gladiator 3.0


  • Made of Buffalo and skin tex leather.
  • Three front panels ensuring you are protected from violent kicks.
  • Guaranteed improved comfort while allowing greater mobility. 


  • Like all premium MMA shin guards, this particular set does not come cheap at all

This brand was made in Thailand by very skilled craftsmen, and amongst all other similar products of this brand, the gladiator is the best in quality.

Final Words

There you have it the best mma shin guards available right now

Whether you’re just starting out, about to go pro, learning self-defense, or just enjoying the workout sessions, the right MMA Shin guards are just what you need.

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