Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Wins & Moments Ranked

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Wins and Moments Ranked
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This excellent and trailblazing American gridiron football team, with its headquarters located at Dallas, participates in the NFL. The first Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl moment was definitely one of their most exciting moments

This very talented Dallas Cowboys or ‘Doomsday defense’ team, as they are popularly called, have won the NFL trophy five times. Besides this, they have also won ten Conference Championship.

Although this team has not made it to the NFL Championship in the past twenty-four years, of the eight times in history that they were at the championship, they made their beloved fans proud. 

They won the glorious Vince Lombardi Trophy five times. They have also earned the 2nd place in terms of having the most number of postseason appearances.

At the NFC and NFL, quite unlike any other team has been able to achieve, they have had the most appearance of fourteen and eight, respectively. The team also has a net worth equal to a whopping sum of over five billion USD.

For these and many more reasons, the Dallas Cowboy team is justifiably called ‘The American Team.’

Without further ado we will be looking at the Dallas Cowboys Superbowl wins as well as some touching moments in their history.

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Wins

1. Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins (1972)

Super Bowl VI was the 2nd appearance the ‘Doomsday defense’ made at the event, and it was to be the very first Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl. They were the champion of the NFC that year while the Miami Dolphins were the AFC champion that year.

The match was held on a cold January morning at the Tulane Stadium, Louisiana. Players like Duane Thomas, Roger Staubach, and Chunk Howley were very significant to the victory of ‘The American team’ that year.

2. Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Broncos (1978)

This NFL Championship of 1978 was actually to determine the winner of the 1977 season. The Dallas Cowboys were the NFC champion that year, and the Denver Broncos were the AFC champion.

Super bowl XII was epic, with the largest number of viewers in super bowl history. Over a hundred million persons watched the match at the stadium and from their Television at home.

Players like Roger Staubach, Jim Turner, and Butch Johnson were vital on the field that day. The match took place at Louisiana Super dome, New Orleans. The Cowboys won their competitors 27 to 10.

3. Dallas Cowboys vs Buffalo Bills (1993)

In the twenty-seventh Super Bowl, which was held at Rose Bowl Stadium California, the Dallas Cowboys made their most historically satisfying win against the AFC champions Buffalo Bills.

Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, James Washington, etc all played their part most wonderfully to earn our American team their most amazing win of 52 to 17.

4. Dallas Cowboys vs Buffalo Bills (1994)

The twenty-eight super bowl was an imposing game for the Cowboys because it was the second consecutive time winning the super bowl championship.

The game took place at Georgia Dome Stadium, and although the Buffalos did their best, they still could not defeat their rival team.

The first half was good; the Dallas Cowboys were leading the Buffalos 13 to 6. The second half was most impressive as Troy Aikman, Eddie Murray, Leon Lett, Enmity Smith, and Alvin Harper ensured the Dallas team won. They won the Buffalo’s 30 to 13.

5. Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers (1996)

At the NFL level, this game is somewhat the last that the prestigious Doomsday defense has featured in. 

The game was quite an interesting one because the Steelers were the most formidable team the Cowboys had to ‘battle’ for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The Steelers put in a good game, but they still did not stand a chance against the relentless Cowboys

This was because seasoned players like Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Chris Boniol ensured the Cowboys ‘rode’ home with the trophy. They won against the Steelers with 27 to 17.

Best Dallas Cowboys Moments

Although the American team has a lot of beautiful moments in its history, some moments have been set apart as very significant to the success of the team. Now we shall be considering a few of such moments.

1. The First ‘Hail Mary’

With about thirty-two seconds left to the end of the game that day, the Minnesota Vikings appeared to be winning the playoffs. But just then, star player Roger Staubach, in a desperate attempt, just threw the ball into the air.

A teammate Drew Pearson caught it and quickly made for the end zone, earning the Cowboys a win.

It was later discovered that Roger Originally said a hail Mary before he threw up the ball. This was the origin of the name 

2. The Cowboys’ Defense that Overwhelmed Denver

In the 1978 super bowl, the fierce and intimidating defense of The American team practically ‘chewed up’ their opposition.

The Cowboys only ‘allowed’ the Denvers to make eight passes, and in return, they collected the ball from them a total eight times.

Harvey Martin and Randy White, who made this formidable defense possible, were made MVP’s later on.

3. The Cowboys Trick the Vikings

In the 1989 season, things were not going well for the Cowboys, they began the season with failure, and then they decided to sell a player Herschel Walker to the Vikings.

In exchange for Walker, they got a set of good eighteen players. That was how Emmitt Smith, who was fundamental to their future victories at the Super Bowl, joined the team.

4. The Cowboys Open Up ‘Jerry World’

The stadium is not only gorgeous but is also incredibly above contemporary standard. This new stadium is even better than some of those owned by the NFL.

Perhaps in the future, the NFL could decide to host one of its Super Bowls in this historic stadium.

5. The Retirement of Tony Romo

For years Tony Romo played as a quarterback for The Cowboys after breaking a bone at one of the matches; he was replaced by Dak Prescott.

Prescott turned out to be a much better asset to the team; he led the team to win eleven games.

With the progress the team was making, Tony decided to retire and allow the new players like Prescott and Ezekiel, to chart the team into a fantastic era of championships.

6. Goodbye Bum Bright, Welcome Jerry Jones!

Bright was the owner of the Dallas Cowboys team until 1989, when he sold the team to Jerry because of a loan crisis.

Immediately Jerry became the owner of the team he set out to displace and replace some things which later catapulted the team to its climax in victory today. He changed the management and fired head coach Tom Landry.

For Jerry Jones, the team must succeed, and this passion of his has enabled him to perform all the ‘ underground miracles’ that set the team on its feet.

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