30 Inspirational Patrick Mahomes Quotes

30 Inspirational Patrick Mahomes Quotes

Some of Patrick Mahomes inspirational quotes about his career can be a great source of motivation for you.

Patrick Mahomes is widely revered as one of the most proficient active American athletes.

He is recognized for winning the 2018 NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award and 2020 Super Bowl MVP.

Amazingly, Mahomes has achieved these feats within four years as a professional, which has earned him a record-breaking 10-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs worth $503,000,000.

Nevertheless, Patrick Mahomes has been using his sporting success as a podium to support various charities and social justice initiatives vocally.

Inspirational Patrick Mahomes Quotes

1. “I want to be great.”

2. “Until you get there, you never know what to expect.”

3. “I feel like, even if something goes wrong, I have confidence in myself and my team that we’ll fix it.”

4. “Definitely, as a competitor, you want to get out there and play.”

5. “You can always regret just missing it, but as a football player, you have to move on to the next play.”

6. “I think, as a quarterback and as a football player, you always want to get better.”

7. “If you want to win games in this league, you have to be efficient.”

8. “You can have the big arm, and that’s good, and it helps out in the games, but it doesn’t help you necessarily win games.”

9. “There’s so much difference in having arm ability. You have to be able to throw it hard. You have to be able to throw it with touch. You have to be able to do everything in this league, and I try to get better at every single one of those throws every single day.”

#10 of Quotes by Patrick Mahomes

“When you’re in this league, you have to do something every single day.”

—Patrick Mahomes

11. “Every experience, good or bad, you have to learn from.”

12. “You want to make the big play; you want to throw a touchdown every single play. But at the same time, you have to know that it’s a process.”

13. “I want people to know that I’m going to leave every single thing on the field.”

14. “Kids in sports – it makes such an impact in life with the lessons that you learn.”

15. “I just try to learn from every mistake that I make so that I never make them again.” 

16. “I just try to be the best Patrick Mahomes I can be.”

17. “The best thing about it is you’re showing kids that no matter where you grow up, what race you are, that you can achieve your dream.” 

18. “Never change who you are, and be the best you can be.” 

19. “The quarterbacks that win… those are the quarterbacks that are talked about for being great.” 

#20 of Patrick Mahomes Quotes

“You have to take in the hurt; you have to accept it. This hurts; it’s supposed to hurt!”

—Patrick Mahomes

21. “I had a lot of stats in college, and they didn’t count for wins. So whatever it takes to win football games is the goal that I set.”

22. “When people talk about me, they talk about just the arm and that I have a big arm. I want to be able to change that mindset too, ‘He’s a great quarterback who just happens to have a great arm.”

23. “I love being able to come in every single day and work out and watch film and practice with guys who are all striving for the same goal.”

24. “You have to learn and develop from every experience you see on the field. I might see an unscouted blitz. I might see different coverages than I’m expecting. So I need to process and make those adjustments as I go.”

25. “I was the one that was looking up to athletes and getting to see them and getting to be a part of it, and I remember those experiences.”

—Patrick Mahomes

26. “The biggest thing for me is just to go out there and win.”

27. “I know the history, but we are a different generation.”

28. “I was never really on the football circuit. I wasn’t the type of guy that put my name out there.”

29. “You don’t get to see that people have to work hard to become as good as they are.”

30. “I try to just focus on being in the same routine every single day.”

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