40 Inspiring Joel Embiid Quotes Of His Career

Inspirational Joel Embiid Quotes

Some of the best Joel Embiid quotes could inspire you to succeed in your endeavors.

Philadelphia 76ers’ Joel Embiid is an inspiring figure in the NBA.

He’s currently a four-time NBA All-Star, but that achievement doesn’t tell the whole story.

Embiid made his NBA debut in the 2016–17 season, despite being a third overall selection by the 76ers in 2014 due to multiple foot and knee injuries.

However, his return to sporting action was marked by an NBA All-Rookie First Team selection.

How could Embiid accomplish these feats amidst the unfortunate circumstance he found himself in?

Notwithstanding the injury plagues, Joel Embiid motivated himself and remained confident even with the occasional thoughts of quitting.

He once declared “Trust the process,” calling himself “The Process” in response to a theme from the 76ers fans.

40 Inspirational Joel Embiid Quotes

1. “Having your teammates’ backs – that’s what I feel being a leader is.”

2. “Every time, the mindset I get when I get on the floor is that I’m the best player on the floor.”

3. “I’m trying to dominate, and if you dominate, you’re going to be hated because you’re going to talk so much stuff.”

4. “I want to win the MVP. I feel like, at the end of the day, it might be an individual award, but when I play better, the team also does.”

5. “Whatever happens happens. If something happens, something happens. But I believe in God, and I pray every day.”

7. “Every time I’m on the court, every time a fan cheers for me, I just want to go out and make a play for them to cheer even more.”

8. “I feel like I have a lot of potentials, a lot of stuff to show.”

9. “If I’m playing well, and we’re winning games, that’s what I want.”

#10 of Joel Embiid Quotes

“I look like I’m not listening, but I’m actually listening. I like listening to everything, observing everybody, just taking everything in, and then, in my mind, figuring out what’s good for me and what’s bad for me.”

Joel Embiid

11. “I don’t really care about the friendships on the court. I got my friends. I got my family, which I’m close to. I got a couple of friends that I’m always around.”

12. “Every time I get on the court, I want to push my teammates to be better as a leader and lead by example.”

13. “I like playing in front of the crowd and get them into it.”

14. “I want to win.”

15. “I’m not cocky, I’m humble, but I think I can be exceptional, one of the top players in the league.”

16. “I started playing basketball very late, and for me to make it to the league so fast… I’ve always said my life is a movie.”

17. “I think it would’ve been a little easier if I grew up in America; they’ve got better conditions for basketball players. at the same time, many people have said to me that having to start playing so late helped me not pick up bad habits.”

18. “Sometimes, I feel like I’m lost. But I’ve always said that I believe in God.”

19. “All of the great big men went to college at least two or three years. I think it’s a big factor. I don’t know if it will always work, but I think it’s the best choice.”

#20 of Embiid’s Quotes

“Basketball has given me everything, but it has to be bigger than basketball.”

—Joel Embiid

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21: “I always think about myself as, like, a regular person. I want to be able to enjoy everything.”

22. “I found social media was a way for me to open up and show the world who I was and also keep my name out there.”

23. “I feel like Americans don’t really have any idea of what’s going on in the world, especially us Africans. I feel like when they think about Africans, they think about just us running around with lions and tigers and all those other animals.”

24. “I’m actually really good at everything I do.”

25. “I feel like racism isn’t over.”

26. “Agents recruiting high-school players and talking to high-scholars – I feel like those are the people who put bad ideas in kids.”

27. “At some points, I wanted to quit. There were surgeries after surgeries, and I didn’t really believe in myself. I didn’t feel good about my body.”

28. “That’s the whole point of playing basketball – having fun.”

29. “There’s definitely a lot of undiscovered talent in Africa. If I’m one of them and there are a few other guys in the league, that means that there must be some that are hidden.”

#30 of Joel Embiid Quotes

“I really feel like I have the potential – and I’m not even kidding about it – I have the potential to be the best player in the league.”

—Joel Embiid

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31. “I want people to say that an African basketball player is the best player in the whole world.”

32. “I really feel like I have the potential – and I’m not even kidding about it – I have the potential to be the best player in the league.”

33. “I’m competitive, and I think everybody knows that if you’re talking trash, you’re gonna get a reaction out of me.”

34. “The only thing that kept me going was the way that my parents raised me. They always told me to keep working, no matter what.”

35. “Life is fun, and I love having fun.”

36.  Somehow, I convinced myself I was Hakeem. And I started getting better and better. And then I sort of started killing it.”

37. “The process is never going to end. It’s an ongoing thing. I don’t think it’s ever going to stop. As I have explained before, it’s a process for making it to the playoffs; it’s another one to make the conference finals, another one actually to go to The Finals and win the championship.”

38. “I am the process.”

39. “People love you at the beginning, but at some point, they’re gonna start hating you.”

40. “I started playing basketball so late, and it just means that anything is possible.”

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